Welcome to the next wonderful addition to Carla’s Blog,  #dreamcatchers.  Debuting in April 2015, this inspiring log will showcase several amazing individuals who have blown my mind with their fierce ingenuity, compelling character, rigorous efforts, and stellar achievements.  Constantly on the grind, they have collectively blessed me with their presence by sharing their knowledge, generosity, and insights with me.

They are comprised of clients, colleagues, partners, entrepreneurs, restaurant owners, businesswomen, and friends.  I believe in sharing and sharing alike, so I want to share with you.  Here, I will showcase a person or team with whom I’ve had the privilege of working intimately  or knowing personally and professionally, that has affected my life and impacted my career in a way that I find revelational.  Accordingly, each profile will be written using the following format:

  • The “John Doe” I Know
  • What you may (or may not) have known…
  • TheGrinding Moment – (like the defining moment) A moment that cemented their level of passion in my eyes)
  • 7 Lessons I Loved and Learned from “John Doe”
  • The #catchphrase I will always remember
  • “John” in a Word: “amazing”

Join us for the adventure!  Prepare to be motivated to – #pursueyourpassion and #catchyourdreams

See you soon!



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