2015-07 Heather Davis, Passionate, Pristine Pastry Chef

pastry passion

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The Heather I Know
A calming demeanor, elegant style, and flawless beauty is what I first noticed about the second grade teacher next door to me at our Music and Science Magnet elementary school. We had only known each other a short time before a casual conversation spilled into my favorite topic – palate pleasing! I learned that Heather liked to bake in her spare time using tried and true recipes, and I was immediately interested in learning more, but I didn’t know how soon my wish would be granted.

I pranced into my room early one brisk winter morning believing I was going to put a few finishing touches on an activity before students arrived; but, I was sharply distracted by a decadent aroma that had wafted into my classroom. I leaned on Heather’s door frame and peeked my head into her classroom only to find freshly baked chocolate chunk cookies, eager to be eaten and still warm from the oven. Sinking my teeth into those cookies way before breakfast, I was hooked by the unctuousness of every bite.

It was months later that Heather and I discussed how her fervor for all things flaky and pillowy was growing. Not only had she become the resident pastry chef for our campus, people were purchasing her creative culinary delights right from her home. Seeing her face light up in an unprecedented fashion when discussing her silky strawberry cream icing, I realized her talent may likely need to go beyond the classroom. It was clear her heart was in the kitchen!

While certainly among one of the most talented teachers I’d known, Heather’s new-found passion was fueling the development of her skill set in another arena. Her recipes were broadening. Her palate was becoming more sensitive. Her customers were demanding more, and she was listening with a readiness she’d not had before. Desires turned dreams were pushing her to expect the unexpected – and catch what otherwise had never been imagined.

What You May Not Have Known
Before jumping off of the cliff of “I-think-I-have-an-idea,” Heather carefully weighed her costs. She followed Carla’s Cue #3 on Goal Realization and made a plan that was Readable, Achievable, and Perceivable. Not only did she educate herself about her market, she studied the industry, met with successful bakers, enrolled in entrepreneurial training courses, and made alliances to help her segue into the world of baking as a competitive force.

The ”Grinding” Moment
Heather’s grinding moment came when she made up her mind to leave the comforts of her teaching career to delve into the world of decadent desserts. Amidst the doubts of not pursuing the formal track of culinary arts, there were naysayers who wanted her to believe that she might not be “ready.” After pounding the pavement throughout the city and hustling to get clients, she soon learned how powerful her product was. Nordstrom (the Galleria and The Woodlands locations) came knocking on her door, now one of several who gladly carry her palatable pastries in addition to Rice University, and the latest love affair the Kaffeine Koffee Cafe.

7 Lessons I Learned and Love from My Relationship with:  Heather Davis

  • Success doesn’t happen overnight, but what you do in the late night hour can certainly lead to your success.
  • Discouragement is best dissolved by the determination to succeed.
  • When you’re pouring your passion into what you love most, even the most difficult tasks are meaningful and memorable.
  • Not everyone will perceive your passion with the eyes that you do. Make your own magic.   Whether they buy a ticket to the show is not of your concern.
  • There’s always room to grow. View your passion today with a vision of what it will be tomorrow.
  • Branding is an art, and you are at the easel.  Create masterpieces that patrons will find unforgettable.
  • The best compliment from a customer is sharing your product or service with someone else. Those are accolades that advertising can’t buy and praise to be treasured forever.

The #catchphrase I Remember Most from Ms. Davis:  “It’s already done.”  Translation:  When you believe what you can’t yet see, you’re on track to make the invisible possible.

My Best One Word Description:  “zealous”

#catchthis:  What’s your brand, and how are you promoting it?  Have you determined your area of expertise?  How can you broaden your offering to showcase your passion?  Are you ready to taste your own sweet success?  When are you planning to feast on your fabulous future? There’s no time like the present…#catchyourdreams

Picture:  #dreamcatcher, Heather Davis of Sweet Luxuries Bakery, the passionate, pristine pastry chef.

Photo Credit:  provided by Sweet Luxuries Bakery

This is how I catch my dreams, by surrounding myself with people like Heather Davis.

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 Pictures:  Top Left – Carla M. Brown poses with Heather Davis at Kaffeine Koffee in Museum Park where Heather makes the magic happen.  (clockwise) Top Right – The Sweet Luxuries logo that seals her sweet success.  Bottom Right  – Just one of many forms of Heather’s illustrious edible art for an event to remember.  Bottom Left – The wildly popular Luxurious Lemon Bars, a picture uploaded from a customer who purchased it at Nordstrom.


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