2015-06 Jermaine and Brandi Babineaux, A Real Dynamic Duo

A Real Life Dynamic DuoThe Babineauxs I Know
I first met Jermaine in the halls of a Level I Trauma center. He was an esteemed Registered Nurse on the Hemodialysis Unit, already a soaring star on a track for management, and one of my husband’s favorite co-workers. While I knew he was talented, I had no idea how his gift would propel him in the industry less than a decade later. His heartwarming demeanor and Southern charm quickly secured his status as family.

Mr. Babineaux’s passion for quality healthcare and requirement of exceptional service from his team not only garnered the attention of physicians around him, but made him the go-to choice to head a new acute Hemodialysis organization on the cutting edge of technology. Under his leadership, they’ve not only enjoyed monumental success, but have since transcended trendsetting in the Southwest region of the United States to exploring opportunities in the Middle East.

While I was confident he was destined for bigger and better things, I didn’t consider that his milestones would be aided by the perfect pairing, a strikingly beautiful powerhouse in her own right, (then the future) Mrs. Brandi Babineaux. With a tantamount affection for the world of Nursing, Brandi worked right alongside Jermaine, strengthening his brand of excellence in healthcare; but, that’s not where the story ends.

Brandi believed that her time and talents didn’t have to be limited to healthcare. As no stranger to fashion and fierceness, this former model pursued certification as a make-up artist. Quickly rising to the top of her class, she honed her craft with locals and is now a preferred choice of celebrity clientele. This only heightened her skill set, adding to her repertoire of image building and personal styling.  Doting husband Jermaine, often accompanied her to various events. In doing so, he piqued a new interest himself – in photography.

Willing to spend every available moment with his wife, he decided to take the past-time from part time to professional. He threw himself into photography with the same fervor that Brandi exuded, not only to be better informed about the sister industry to make-up art, but to embark on an adventure into a world made new – with the caliber of an expert. Suddenly, he looked at life behind the lens armed with an eye for innovation.

What You May Not Have Known
Jermaine and Brandi have brought the ties that bind them in their relationship into the workplace in the healthiest of ways. They now partner together as a praiseworthy provider for customers of every background, and seamlessly offer high quality services of make-up and photography not always available by other companies. From proms and parties to events and executives, this dynamic duo have a personal touch that can’t be manufactured. Having experienced them as both client and colleague, I’m an ultimate fan.

The ”Grinding” Moment
Initially, the Babineauxs saw their new endeavor as a wonderful way to spend time together while getting away from the daily 9 to 5; but, their growing demand mandated a charge to take it to the next level. Borne out of Brandi’s success with struk makeup is their latest venture, struk media, which combines their talents in premiere make-up and photography. Smiles galore and a myriad of satisfied customers have validated their decision, and while their nursing company continues to soar, struk is on course for comparable greatness.

7 Lessons I Learned and Love from My Relationship with:  Jermaine and Brandi Babineaux

  • We more often impose limitations on ourselves than others do. Learning to remove personal barriers can open a world of possibilities.
  • What’s seldom sought after is rarely achieved.  What you desire should help you clarify where you focus.
  • Never believe a hobby can’t turn into a career.  A genuine investment in your craft could lead to a generous return in your future.
  • Learn to maximize your abilities. Multiple talents can bring multiple streams of revenue. As a man thinketh, so is he.
  • If you want to be known for unprecedented excellence, then carry yourself with impeccable ethics. It’s never the wrong time to do the right thing.
  • When people see your work, they should know your name. Ensure that it’s associated with quality, not quandary .
  • How you treat those you know reveals how you’ll treat those you don’t.  Do unto others…

The #catchphrase I Remember Most from Mr. Babineaux:  “Let’s do it, Coach.”  Translation:  I’m unintimidated by unknown territory. If you can imagine it, we can try it.

My Best One Word Description:  “fearless”

#catchthis:  How are you maximizing your talents?  What can you offer that’s different from everyone you know?  How can you leverage your abilities to pursue an untapped passion?  What could you do if freed from your own limitations? #catchyourdreams

Picture:  #dreamcatchers, Jermaine and Brandi Babineaux, the perfect dynamic duo.

Photo Credit:  provided by J. and B. Babineaux

This is how I catch my dreams, by surrounding myself with people like Jermaine and Brandi Babineaux.

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 Pictures:  Left – The Babineauxs paint the town red.  Center – Jermaine doing business last week in Dubai.  Right – Brandi – Posing with prowess [J. Babineaux photographer on this pic!].



  1. great story so alive with passion and word use that you become connected immediately to the core of the presentation. Jermaine and Brandi keep dreams alive but fulfilling your goals.. Carla wonderful story well written and much excitement. Be blessed. Mary Holt Ashley


    1. Dear Mary Holt Ashley,

      Thank you so much for your feedback! Jermaine and Brandi made this story so easy to write because they are such hard workers and have made wonderful accomplishments because of their efforts. It is such a pleasure to know them both personally and professionally. They really do inspire me. They are #dreamcatchers in action! Thanks for reading 🙂


  2. I absolutely love this it is always so refreshing to see couples living out their dreams what an inspiring piece you have written and wishing continued success and blessings to Jermaine and his wife


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