Throw Back Thursdays, Future Fridays

Past and Future

An unexpected phone call from a friend of nearly 20 years tickled me terribly today.  He took me way back to our humble beginnings in “the hood,” and kept me laughing with the way things used to be.  Like most normal human beings, we exchanged stories of our happy times and heartbreaks, and then we talked about what was to come.

I had an aha moment.  We revel in our Throwback Thursdays, which isn’t a terrible thing because we have wonderful things to celebrate in our past; but, as I stared at this picture of my youngest son Isaiah, who turned 22 months a couple of weeks ago, I realized I’m terribly interested in my future Fridays.

Future Fridays are those moments I’ll savor at the end of the week in a life that doesn’t exist for me just yet – but it’s percolating…because I’m brewing the ideas that will make it a reality.  When we were all Isaiah’s age, our future was unwritten; slates were clean; destinies, unknown.  As adults, we may have made some turns that have definitively taken our course in an unintended direction.  That being said, who says that course can’t be changed?  And if your road has been paved with roses, why not add a few orchids along the way?

Celebrating throwbacks are for a moment in time…but let’s invest in our Future Fridays…for ourselves, for our families, for the fantastic adventures ahead.  Make a plan…make it memorable.  #makeithappen


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