Remember Them Well…

My Grandparents

My grandmother could never have imagined her husband and 9 yr. old son would be killed in a car accident.  Gladston Taylor’s profile pic triggered the memory for me with the caption, “Never Forget.”  They were born in the 20s, so they were well acquainted with what we now highlight today as a poignant part of our culture.  In Dr. King’s honor, we’ve celebrated countless efforts, initiatives, resistances, and sacrifices today of those who preceded us, many of whom are no longer here.  That for me, included my grandmother.  We lost her to Alzheimer’s and Cancer in 2012.

But as I reflect on what my grandparents did for me, and so many others grandparents, and those who maybe  never had children of their own, I want to make sure that I remember them well.  I want to honor them by explaining the difficult parts of our life to my children and showing them why they are so blessed.  I want to esteem them by teaching my students about the rights they strived for so children can enjoy the privileges they now have in the classroom.  I want to immortalize them – in social media – by inscribing my gratitude to be shared with others – because I am indebted to them for their selfless acts.

I love to listen to those who lived in the era so tumultuous and unknown, amazed at their resolve.  Each individual experience has its own merit, ripe with pain and pride.  We fuse so much into one day of celebration, we sometimes forget, there are enough stories and insights to last a lifetime.  No one documentary can ever have the impact of our shared experiences, relived and retold.  Let’s not miss a single account.  Listen, live, and learn.  Remembering our past.  Restoring our present.  Rebuilding for the future.  #iwillnotforget

Grandparents:  Lucille Walker Harris & Bennie Harris, Sr.



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