Where’s Your Bliss?

Chocolate Paper Bag

The dark chocolate shell of the paper bag snapped as I dove in.  Ripened berries nestled in white chocolate mousse greeted me with glee, while the essence of raspberries swirled beneath.  Chantilly cream kissed with mint paired nicely, and with each bite I was reminded of why fabulous fare makes me so giddy. #bestdatenightevermichaelbrown! To know me (which he does) is to know I love to eat… sigh.  It’s blissful!

Nevertheless, food isn’t my only love (smile).  First and foremost, I love God – and my life revolves around Him and what I believe He wants me to do.  I love my family, those with whom I grew up and those to whom I now belong.  I’m delighted to be fast approaching my 15th anniversary next year, and I’m still shocked and amazed that I have boys 9, 7, and 22 months (whew).  But the other thing that brings me bliss is doing what I love…speaking, teaching, and writing…  However, I continue to come across many who are unhappy with what they’re doing.

Question – How do we transition from what we endure to where we excel?  Not just in careers, but in families, finances, relationships, personal growth.  I grew weary long ago with settling, desperately trying to convince myself that it wasn’t so bad.  While I do not despise the lessons that I’ve been taught through tragedy and trauma, I also believe that God gifts each of us with something special…something that we could (and should) do exceptionally well – if we honed it.  You know, those things you’re good at, that nobody knows.  Or those things you’re good at that everyone knows, and always tell you, you should do – that you LOVE!  What on earth are you waiting for?

I’m not among the multitude that believes affiliation with God = a life of perfection.  Contrarily, I believe I’m full of flaws, but striving daily to do better, which is a task!  Just when I think I have the hang of things, I am gently reminded that I’m not quite there yet.  Nevertheless, I want whatever I’m doing in this life, be it service, be it sharing, teaching, writing, speaking – loving, (eating – ha ha)…I want it to be blissful.  And I hope to help others figure out what really floats their boat if they haven’t already.  Come on guys, pursue your passion.  Life’s too short.


Chocolate Paper Bag from January Date Night with Hubby (so worth it)!, McCormick and Schmidt


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