Cross Some Boundaries


So I put this in my mouth today.  Reluctantly.  Apprehensively, but not forced.  Invited, actually, by the gardener at my school.  The students in my classroom had already done so, because after every session, we’re always required to taste something.  Now, if you know me, you know I have a relationship with my food.  I’m always eager to taste!  Truthfully, I’ve seen many an edible flower – on television; marvelled at its beauty; gushed about its aesthetic quality to the presentation, but held one in my hand?  With the purpose of putting it in my mouth?  Well, that was new.

So while she waited for me to accept the invitation, I had quite the conversation in my head.  I thought, “I dont’ know if I could really put this recently plucked flower in my mouth.”  “If I chew this, what is it really going to taste like (albeit, she described it in detail beforehand)?”  “I’m not ready for this,” I rationalized; but, I was.  See, I’ve been feeling pretty adventurous lately.  I’m willing to take some leaps.  I’m curious enough to cross some boundaries.  So I opted to view this vibrant, blossom as an opportunity to do something I’d never done.   So while the sun bathed both the petals and my skin, I closed my eyes for my first taste of what I now know as Nasturtium.  It was a bit sweet, and in the center very spicy.  I’m sure it would make a lovely addition to a soup or a nice surprise in a salad.

I have a love affair with pictures, so I had to snap one on my phone.  I couldn’t help thinking that there was a larger context here.  So often, we contemplate doing things from afar.  We talk about it, joke about it, toy with the ideas incessantly, and thoroughly discuss others who have ventured into these territories.  Nevertheless, at the end of the day, we tuck the interests away, insisting that we don’t really want to do certain things.

However, as I talk to more people who aren’t doing what they love, I discover inside – many of them really want to.  I’m not saying I had some burning desire to walk into a garden and taste petals.  However, after seeing it from a distance, I had a greater desire to satisfy my curiosity today.  Even moreso, I wanted to push myself past my traditional naysaying of what seems right – or comfortable.

Point:  Don’t confine yourself to your comfort zone.  Despite healthy skepticism, there are some things you can explore that can push you in a direction towards overwhelming fulfillment.  If something’s stirring inside you, don’t assume it’s a fluke.  Maybe it’s a flame.  Fan it.  #pursueyourpassion


3 thoughts on “Cross Some Boundaries

  1. carlambrown says:

    Anonymous, it is a pleasure to share! I think part of my quest in life is to compel others to grasp the joys that lie in wait for them. Sometimes, we just need to ignite the flame! Fan it boldly!


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