The Map for the Mini-Mes


I’ve seen Gladston’s and Joyclyn’s, Christopher’s and Jimmy’s, Chioma’s and Keiwana’s and how could I forget proud Papa James – and such a little fighter he has!  Who on earth am I talking about?  The Mini-Mes.  The loves of our lives who change the fabric of our very demeanor.  They soften us with their innocence, dazzle us with their smiles, pain us with their heartbreaks, and captivate our souls because in many ways – they’re us.

While I’ve gushed about my latest arrival, the 1 yr. old, and I rave about my fourth grade avid reader, I am equally enamored with my middle son – Christopher.  I am delighted at the very thought of him and all of the me I see in my mini-me.  He is an exceptional artist.  Beyond doodling, Christopher sees the world through the lens of an illustrator.  He shares my desire for delicious detail; salivates over color and texture and imagery; is a self-proclaimed sous chef and foodie; loses himself for hours in drawing a good picture or writing a self-made “chapter” book, and stops to admire the intricacies of nature.

I am tickled by his thought processes.  Am I alone in experiencing the de ja vous of watching my kids say and do things that I remember doing myself?  I tell my team members all of the time, my boys are all of my good and all of my bad.  It reminds me of a few conferences I held where I was tasked with sharing some not-so-pleasant things with students’ parents and they’d say, “Mrs. Brown, I’m not saying it’s good…but I was JUST LIKE THAT!”  Truthfully…I can say the same!

One of the many things that I’ve savored of late about Facebook is the glimpse into people’s lives that reveals the core of their passion…their children.  There’s a recognition, an admiration, and a responsibility that comes with knowing that these tiny lives we’ve helped create are replete with opportunity for greatness.  We can build bridges for them to cross over many of life’s obstacles far before they take their first steps.  We can help craft the narrative by which they will live their stories, and shape it in such a way that it is still uniquely their own with an ending to be determined.  We can leave them a legacy.  A map, to study and analyze – an explicit guide to life that will help them choose routes to find passions of their own and pursue them with the fervor which we demonstrate everyday.  This is what fuels my fire for life.

I often tell my mom jokingly that I’m the favorite, but I know she loves all of us equally and the same.  As a child, I didn’t understand how you couldn’t prefer one maybe slightly more than the other.  When I look at this picture though, I’m acutely aware of all of the things that I love about Christopher, yet confident in all of the things that I love about Isaiah and Michael – which are different, but the same.  I am reminded that I pursue my passion in part because it entails things that I truly enjoy, but I do so most diligently because I am convinced it will help me to enrich life for those that I love the most.  There’s nothing too good for them. My passions are for future promises.  Are yours?  #celebrateyourminimes  #myinspirationslooklikeme, #pursueyourpassion,


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