Chase Your Dreams? No…Catch Them!


SPOILER ALERT:  (Real) Reference to Beyonce’!

While wrangling my crew of three lively boys for breakfast and balancing my other super hero duties, I received the most delightful of calls.  A colleague of mine had an essential epiphany about bringing home the bliss.  Let me explain!  We had a hot and heated (but amicable) conversation not too long ago about this amazing passion she has for baking – but she’s not a chef by profession.  Nevertheless, when not on the job, she’s creating, experimenting, tasting, researching, posting, and spending incessant – but energized – hours in the kitchen.  Her homework (from me) was to pursue this!  She was to get her very inexpensive dba (doing business as) as the first step to stop squelching that desire and bring it to reality. She insisted she wanted to do this beyond a leisurely hobby.

Nevertheless, her last check-up indicated she had abandoned the plan, or rather that her “but” got in the way.  “I was going to do it, ‘but’…”  “Well, I had started to, ‘but’….”  My but in return?  “But why not?  What are you waiting for?  Excuses…”  Well, she proved me wrong!  Yesterday, she wanted me to know that Bakers’ Lane has officially been born.  She stood in line.  Filled out the paperwork.  Followed the directions and added her name to the list of budding entrepreneurs who don’t just dream about what they want, they catch those dreams – one by one.

Does this mean she has saved thousands of dollars that she’s ready to use to fuel a national marketing campaign for her amazing product?  No.  She doesn’t have to.  Most small businesses are bereft of the huge cash injections easily at the disposal of multi-millionaires; but, they make up “99.7 percent of employers.”  Who says you have to be rich to get an idea off the ground?  You need merely to be passionate, persistent, and productive!  I think she can check all three of those off her list.  High Five to you, Madam!

Some may question the difference between pursuing and chasing.  Honestly, they’re similar in concept.  I think the better question is, “When do you use them?”  Your passion is that burning inside that drives you insane with pleasure.  It’s the feeling you have about doing what you enjoy so much that you could do it in your sleep/with your eyes closed!  My passions?  Speaking, writing (and eating)!  I have one friend whose gift of sewing is at such a level of excellence that she’d find a shoe she liked – and create a matching outfit.  Her style is haute couture (she made her first dress at nine), and she once toyed with the idea of taking her ridiculous talent to the masses…

One client and friend took his grind to the pavement by way of faith and foot traffic!  After dropping off a (very simple) flyer – of a picture of his abs – to Tina Knowles in her Headliner’s Hair Salon (and a host of others) over a decade ago, he landed a job as the personal trainer to Destiny’s Child (was subsequently invited to travel with them on the MTV TR1 tour), and later trained Beyonce for her Dangerously in Love solo debut and Austin Powers movie.  The thing is, one of these individuals may still be toying with the idea.  The other took a leap of faith.  His grind didn’t stop after returning to Houston.  He’s still a trainer – to both celebrity and non, and now he has a growing, profitable product line!  He’s not chasing his dream because he has too many.  He’s catching them, one idea at a time.  Is your flame flickering?  #pursueyourpassion #catchyourdream

Picture:  Me on top of the world… #watchout

Wanna contact my Trainer to the Stars (you included, of course):  E-mail him at  WARNING:  You will feel the burn!  Ask me how I know!  But it will be worth it…you’ll be…dangerous 🙂


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