If You Know You Have the Magic, Make Your Move!

Make It Happen

When I sat down with my Creative Director and Business Manager, Deandrea for our breakfast meeting this weekend, I had no idea how surprised I’d be when checking on her progress with her own passion.  Aside from her gift with glue guns, glitter, and all things girly, she has an uncanny knack for baking sweet treats.  I saw a ridiculously successful business (with pretzels and chocolate) on line not long ago and was convinced she could wrap her passion in the same direction; but, she had put the brakes on her dreams for various reasons.  While we’re both agenda focused and results driven for Team Carla, I’m equally passionate about helping those with whom I work pursue their dreams as well.

Although I was poised to push and prod if needed, she shocked me when she pulled out her notes (first pic) to show me that she’d applied Carla’s Cue #1:  “Jump on Your Journal Writing.”  Here I was all prepared to gently guide her back to the path of potential, and she was already leaps and bounds ahead.  Not only did she get that long avoided dba I’d been bugging her about (for Divine Creation Sweet Treats), she had been running up the miles at Hobby Lobby (second pic) getting the supplies she needed for her next moves!  Using her journal and building out her plans (passion) gave her the necessary impetus to explore, discover, and pursue what she needed (power).  What may look like clutter to you was the foundation of what she organized – to get to her purpose (picture 3).  These are the three principles that guide my business:  Passion, Power, Purpose.

After countless hours that registered as minutes to her, she finished with the prestigious product above.  This delectable Pink Sugar-Crusted, Cherry Creamed-Cheese Pretzel was both palate-pleasing and profitable!  As I struggled to settle my excitement while listening to her growing list of achievements, I thought the picture she was showing me was merely from her test kitchen – until she corrected that assumption with, “Oh, I sold those last month!”  I must admit – at that point, at the restaurant, I hollered, with glee that is!  I was so proud that she had finally realized what I had seen for years.  She had the magic; the makings of everything necessary to carve out her own niche with a finesse that is exclusively Deandrea.

So you know I have to turn this around, right.  What’s your dream?  What’s holding you back?  It may not be entrepreneurial, I realize that.  But someone told me tonight, her dream was to lose weight in boot camp.  OK, so how are you tackling that?  What does your commitment look like?  And for those of you who do have a million dollar idea in your head – that new product, that service that people would clamor for, that savory dish that makes mouths water – stop squelching it.  If you’re testing the water?  Dive into it!

My dream?  Sharing with others the exponential believable results in exploring your passion, power, and purpose while cultivating the wisdom and insight that comes with navigating the good and bad of life.  I intend to do that through speaking and writing, and I’m convinced that for every one Deandrea, there are 50 million more.    I have a message for them all.  If you know I’m speaking to you, consider yourself put on notice.   I want to see you go from where you are to the wonderful places you could be.  Don’t hold back.  #pursueyourpassion, #catchyourdreams, #theproofisinthepretzel


As a special congratulations to Deandrea, I’m showcasing some of her other successful products to date.  You can see them here in an album that I’ve uploaded to my FaceBook page.  See what happens when you join Team Carla ;o)  This is just the beginning.

#makemiracles, #makemagic, #makeithappen



  1. Thanks irrationalliving! I say why settle for a sprinkle when a downpour is so much more refreshing! I”m only saying what I know. #pursueyourpassion, #catchyourdreams Let’s make it count! Thanks for commenting 🙂


  2. I love this! I’m so proud of DeAndrea! Her and I share the same dream as well always bouncing ideas off each other. We work together at Baker Hughes and constantly encourage one another. Your blog is very inspiring. You are a awesome writer. Best Regards, Lisa


    1. Lisa, DeAndrea is quite phenomenal! I’m glad you have had the pleasure of working with her personally. Regarding encouraging one another and inspiration – you are on the right track. It helps to have someone believe in and support your dreams. I’m glad you stopped by to read our blog. Sign up and be inspired regularly! I can’t wait to hear your success stories, too. #catchyourdreams


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