Love the Lion Inside…

The Lion

I’ve never been able to look at this picture without being utterly awestruck.  Art enthralls me.  For one, because while I consider myself to be a fairly good artist, I would never have produced something like this; 2) because this was actually effortlessly, hand-drawn by someone I know – one of my most beloved and cherished friends – with mere pencil.  I am thirdly blown away because she is a financial executive by day and told me tonight that she was not even randomly artistic, because “she only draws what [she] sees.”

I think I almost choked on a Cheerio.  I told her that it is in fact this depth of craft, and her ability to “randomly” reproduce with such magnificence that in fact makes her an artist.  She is not yet willing to accept such a prestigious title.  I’m not sure she believes me.

In the meantime, she is looking to find her passion.  Granted, she is terribly multi-talented, but I think when you do something leisurely this well – that just might be your passion.  Interestingly, we’ve had this conversation for a while now because I was first introduced to her ridiculous, breathtaking art years ago in college.

I begged for this photo because I was thinking about it today due to texts, e-mails, and conversations I had this week with people informing me that they wanted to have a passion, but just weren’t sure where to find it.  I say, begin with what rumbles deep inside you that brings you incomparable pleasure.  To me, it seems to gnaw at you a little bit.  Pushing you to indulge when you can.  Elating you when you do.  Roaring when you suppress it, and parading when you release it in its fullness.

I agree with my friend that before she can be empowered by her passion, she has to feel it herself.  I think she feels compelled to box herself into other people’s classic definitions of what an artist is, but who says that’s required?  Art is a funny kind of thing.  It’s a lot like words – governed by the hand of the creator. Many an artist and writer deemed unfit in their own age have been lauded and celebrated decades later.

She, in my mind, is already a marketable brand.  Her exploration into her talent – if she took the lid off – could one day blossom into a multi-million dollar showcase.  I hope that the gift that spills over to her canvas with such ease and majesty will paint a picture for her of that ravenous desire to create art that is so sublime.  I believe this is her passion.  Do you know what your passion is?

What excites you beyond measure and leaves you fulfilled after mere moments of indulgence or brief conversations of its essence?  You know me…  speaking, writing, food.  But what could you talk about, learn about, or hear about for hours on end and still find yourself wanting to know more?  If it’s not what you’re already doing, what if that passion displaced your current career?  How would you feel differently?

If you can identify that thing that you find captivating and wish with your whole heart you could throw yourself into – then you may have discovered the Lion inside.  When you do, don’t tame it.  Feed its desire!  Awaken its intensity!  Place yourself on the path of pursuit.  Your purpose is not far away.  #shesanartistanddoesntknowit, #amazingbeauty, #pursueyourpassion, #catchyourdreams, #awakenthelion, #lovethelioninside



  1. I know this artist and she is AMAZING. She is smart, beautiful and extremely talented at a lot of things. I wish she could find her passion and inner peace. I have two of her pieces of work and I find myself staring at them many time is awe.


  2. Beth, thank you for sharing! I am hoping that there will be more pieces in other hands. I would love to see her first “collection”. I’m praying about it – and doing some other things, too (wink)! Give me a minute…something’s brewing. #pursueyourpassion, #catchyourdream


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