Standing Alone: The Power of One

Stand Alone

As humans, we’re very systematic about things that we like.  We design them in a certain fashion and place things where they are most visually appealing.  Executives lay out a barrage of concepts intended to saturate viewers and listeners for a mere 60 seconds with the objective of compelling them to surrender their hard earned dollars.  Our economy – and our most lucrative opportunities – stem from framing objects, ideas, and concepts in a manner that induces desire for the insatiable consumer followed by prompt acquisition.  However, with this spending fury comes with some side effects, one of them being a proclivity to attaining the status quo.

But, what are the benefits of going against the grain?  How often does that occur?  What does it look like?  What are the results?  As I walked along the side of this house, something caught my attention.  While I’d seen many of the grassy and ivy-like foliage every day, I had not recalled seeing the vibrant, tangerine petals that were now commanding my pause.  My first thought was, “Wow, those are beautiful!”  My second thought, “Where did they come from?”  And third, “How did they get there?”  Followed by, “Hmm.  It doesn’t look like it belongs.  It certainly stands out among everything else along this wall.”  And therein lied the Brown Epiphany.

In our immersion in the flow of the public at large, we often lose our sense of self – because we’re so eager to ensure that we are among the haves vs. the have nots.  I’m not against having, and I’m not an antagonist of prosperity.  I do question however, how we define which passions to pursue.  I am inclined to think that there are many pursuits in which we can make a more powerful effect when we first – stand alone.  I daresay I’m compelled to believe that this principle applies in faith, family, finances, philosophy, and even our professions.

For those who embrace Christianity, today marks a quintessential reminder of the impact of a single decision.  The death, burial, and resurrection of Christ changes the face of humanity’s eternal destination, making real the opportunity for endless fellowship with God in the hereafter.  In nearly every culture, leaders – official and non – have made individual choices that turned their communities upside down, at times causing them pain, but later, eliciting the pride of their people.  Was yesterday not the anniversary of one such leader’s death, who stood alone many days before being joined by the masses?

With our financial choices, professional pursuits, and  business decisions – we may see fit to pursue an option that is unpopular, uncommon, and unwelcome.  My questions are, “Is it valid?  Is it attainable? Is it sustainable?”  If what you’re doing is not illegal, unethical, or immoral, I believe it is something to be considered.  I’m constantly learning from the #dreamcatchers in my life that the road to success can have many failures along the way.  Among the darkened days are moments when you are in fact, standing alone.  Crowds don’t come overnight.

Nevertheless, when you’re standing alone, something’s happening.  Unbeknownst to you, their is a vibrance growing within; a fervor so spectacular that when it blooms in full fruition, passersby will stop and take notice.  They will be smitten by the beauty of your thoughts.  Intrigued by the intensity of your passion.  They’ll be captivated by the splendor of your ideas;  befuddled by how you arrived there, when no one knew you existed…  And then they’ll recognize how starkly different you are from the status quo.  That yields a profit you’d be delighted to measure, and not all of it is counted in dollars….

#catchthis – I am not of the opinion that every journey you take should be one in solitude, although there is a time and place for singularity.  I do contend that standing alone on your core beliefs and convictions is critical to the pursuit of your passion.  Stop caring so much about what others think that you allow it to deter you from achieving your most important goals.  It is the antithesis of success.  Adhere to what matters most, and seek it with unquenchable thirst.  When people see you at your best, they should marvel at your mastery.  The power of one person can change the destiny of a nation.  #pursueyourpassion, #catchyourdreams, #betheone

Picture:  The one that made me stop, look, and listen.

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