The One in the Back


I thought I was having déjà vu when I saw this crimson version of the same flower I’d noticed in a completely different locale just last week.  I found its beauty to be breathtaking, but unlike the other flower that bears its likeness, something else called my attention to its floral aesthetics.  The one in the back.  Look closely to the right; tightly closed, almost invisible, blocked by those in front.  From the sidewalk, I noticed the broad petals beckoning for sunshine; the stately stamen that dazzled with golden hues; the fragrant aromas that emanated from within – but when I came in closer, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the late bloomer in the back.

You’ll notice that the bulk of the flowers in the front are indisputably gorgeous, but within a week’s time they had wilted.  Following their fall to frailty, the tightly closed bloom shined undeniably – without any interference or overshadowing from the aforementioned stars.  “Ok, Carla,” you may be thinking…”Where are you going with this?”  Well, meeting recently with client Erica Wiley, we were discussing the lyrics of her new single, “The Front.”  As we exchanged stories about similar experiences, it occurred to me that many of us have been late bloomers of one sort or another.

So often, we may not be prepared to take center stage.  Sometimes, we are overwhelmed or overshadowed by others whose gifts or talents seem more prominent at the time.  Perhaps, it’s not an individual that bests us in the realms of opportunity.  It could be a situation beyond our control; unfavorable circumstances, or simply ill-timing.  Nevertheless, I am wildly convinced that many of you – of us – possess beauty and magnificence that are tantamount in quality.  While you may not be noticed for the unique gifts and skills that you bring, fret not!  You may be merely in your blooming stage.

Tightly gripping your core ideals and dreams, know that your time is coming.  How quickly you bloom depends on how you nurture your dream.  Others may not see you way in the back, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone else who’s looking.  You never know who’s watching.  Suppose there are passers by like myself, who will be compelled to take a closer look and notice the bloom beyond the prominent petals.   What should you do?

Get prepared!  Soak up the sunshine that warms you through and through, i.e, the positive things that keep you spirited, encouraged, and enthused about what you’re pursuing.  Water your ideas.  Become deeply rooted in the practices that will give you a firm foundation – and only fill yourself with things that brighten your demeanor and disposition – lose the toxicity that abounds with unhealthy relationships, soured advice, and unproductive tendencies.  They threaten the success you so desperately strive for.  Your holistic wellness is critical.

Things may not happen when we want them, but it doesn’t mean they’ll never happen at all.  Patience is a virtue, and the things that are truly worth waiting for are also worth the investment.  Erica eloquently conveys in her latest single that the time for transitioning from the back to the front is now.  I agree.  You may be the bloom who is set to blossom when those who overshadowed you are wilting in the zenith of your beauty.  Don’t lose sight of your dreams.  Renew your passion.  Reclaim your power.  Refuel your purpose, and allow the world to bask in the magnificence of your gift.  #pursueyourpassion, #catchyourdreams, #betheone

Picture:  Celebrating the bloom in the back, which will one day be the most mesmerizing of all.


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