Simple to Sensational…That Just Might Be You


Ever had an amazing idea at work and shared it with someone only to feel that it was reduced to nothingness in the instant it was dismissed?  Maybe it wasn’t related to your job.  Perhaps you were unexpectedly inspired and came up with a concept that you thought others would buy into – but someone convinced you it wasn’t worth pursuing.  Me?  Guilty.  Guilty.  Guilty.  I remember in my early 20s always trying to think of something.  Wanting to be an inventor or innovator of some sort.

In one of the earlier parts of my career, I specifically recall having a food related idea (surprise, surprise) and mentioning it to a consultant at my company who I was convinced was a great resource, highly intelligent, and well informed.  I’d thought it out in great detail and shared it in its entirety.

He gave  me a very glum look and proceeded to tell me all of the reasons it wouldn’t work.  And despite my best efforts to counter his worst-case scenarios, I believed him.  I left heartbroken, disappointed that I was back at square one, convinced that it was a stab in the dark.  Then a couple of years later, I saw my little idea, replicated in nearly every restaurant I could think of…and I was utterly disgusted with the should’ve-could’ve-would’ve blues.

So I was back in the garden last week, and passed by this gorgeous, sprawling sunflower.  Of all the things there, these tickle me because I’m all of 5 feet and 2 inches (no snickering), and these plants grow well over my head.  I’m used to looking up to many people, but not so many domesticated plants.

It’s absolutely exquisite to gaze upon, and I love getting lost in its delicate details.  Why was I so taken aback?  Because it occurred to me nearly a week later, that this celestial and underrated plant in its infancy was what some would consider a fairly meager seed.

Its original colors were far from striking, limited to two that are fairly neutral.  Its size and stature seem insignificant at best. Even if you opened it, the heart is so tiny that you’d retain little satisfaction from the tiny meat inside if you only ate one…but, look what that tiny seed becomes – if you plant it where its roots can extend beyond measure; immerse it in water to quench its thirst; nurture it in nutrient rich soil, and place it in the thick of the deepest patch of sunlight.  This simple seed wouldn’t just grow….it would thrive.

I’m much older now (not sure I like how that sounded).  Correction:  I’m vintage (as I heard one savvy senior citizen say, LOL).  Essentially, I’ve learned a lot since then, and if I haven’t understood anything else, I realize 1) I can’t let someone else’s opinion of the legitimacy of my dreams determine whether or not I’ll pursue them.  2)  There are many things that I may take on that others may view and deem relatively insignificant.  But how can they determine how my passions will manifest?  3)  I have lots of ideas – still, and they may be in neutral colors.  I realize that not every seed planted sprouts.  But many of them do.  And I’ve planted a lot…

Take Away:  If you’ve planted a hope, a dream, a desire, don’t let outside influences cause you to dig it up and cast it away.  Look for confirmation from within and those who are reputable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

Reason carefully the possibility of your dreams to become reality, and if it’s desirable; feasible; attainable – pursue it with the passion that pushes you forward.  It may seem simple to others, but when your success is towering in the garden of greatness, even the skeptics will have to acknowledge how sensational you’ve become.

#icandoitandsocanyou, #pursueyourpassion, #catchyourdreams, #bethe1, #itispossible

Picture:  Humble beginnings (right) and befitting endings (left, the regal sunflower at the zenith of its beauty)



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  1. A friend of mine has always told me to learn to pick persons comments/advice apart. Take what you find applicable to your life and the rest is unheard of. I’ve learned to stop sharing my visions, ideas, and dreams with certain people;not because they don’t love me and they want to be negative, but because God didn’t bless them with the vision that he blessed me with. And even when I do decide to share with someone I admire, I don’t allow their opinion to determine my destination. I pray about it and ask God to show me the way!

    Love this post! Very inspiring. I can relate in so many ways.

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