Give, Gain, Grow – When Your Gift Is Meant to Be Shared…


Ever notice that there’s something that you gravitate to that you do fairly well?  Maybe you practice at it.  Maybe you don’t.  But even when you do, you feel exceptionally good about it; find your thoughts immersed in it, and  – well, working within that medium leaves you elated more often than not.  If you answered “yes” to  all of those questions, that just might be your passion.

While I’m not saying this applies to everyone, I think that a significant majority could fit into this category even though some people have no idea what their passion is (as they’ve told me often)!  Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong with still looking!  Once you know your passion, you can hone your power (how exactly you can cultivate that passion), and once you know how to use it, you know to what you use it for – your purpose, and you may be surprised at the results!

Last week, I was having a discussion with my creative director, Deandrea, about upcoming projects and a new app she’d found that we could use to store our digital images.  As I perused shots she’d already taken, we came across some that looked just, well – old!  But what I didn’t know is that she had saved pics of one of our first large engagements where we’d been flown by the United States Department of Labor – twice – to visit and speak at the Gary Job Corps Center.  It was one of the most transformational experiences of my life – because it cemented my passion for speaking…with the intent of helping people be the ones to pursue their passions and catch their dreams.

Your gift could span a number of things.  I consider family, friends, and clients.  I know one of my clients is gifted in pastries.  Another in restaurant management.  Other clients have uncanny knacks for all things nursing.  I have a colleague, too who is gifted in sewing.  Here’s the common thread.  When you have been blessed to do something exceptionally well, I am of the opinion that it is not merely for your own enjoyment, but to be shared with others whose lives are touched by what you know how to do.

Speaking at the  event shown above, the theme was “Woman to Woman, 360.”  I was charged with speaking to an institution filled with young girls, many of whom had dealt with severe hardships and struggles, to inspire them to make healthy choices, physically, emotionally, in their finances, their health, and their spirituality.  And I did.  What I didn’t expect was the outpouring of appreciation/warm reception that I experienced in the end.

Truthfully, I thought they’d see me as just another adult trying to give them advice who was out of touch with their reality.  Instead, there was a line – that extended from the table (in front of the stage) to the door (in the hall way).  They wanted – to talk…  To tell me what part of the speech resonated with them and what choices they were going to make differently.  I was dumbfounded.  Yes, I was happy that I delivered the speech well and finished the slides within a reasonable a time; but, more importantly, I reached the goal of touching someone’s lives…

Whatever your gift and/or talent may be, begin by using it:  “Give.”  You don’t have to give it for free.  That’s at your discretion.  Even if your gift operates in the context of paid services, it is still important to share it with the world.  The more you see others benefiting from what you do with such passion, the more you (and they) will “Gain”.  You from the satisfaction that you did a great job and got to see or know of others who are enjoying/benefiting/thankful for it.

They will gain from meeting your acquaintance, thus having access to your goods or services and being able to experience it over and over again.  (We call that brand loyalty where I com from)..  be ready to “Grow”.  From the grass to the sky, you are brimming with potential whether you tap into it or not.  As my principal says every school morning “Create yourself a wonderful day.  Don’t let anyone get in your way, including yourself.” #pursueyourpassion, #bethe1, #catchyourdreams

Picture:  Throwback to 2009, one of our first trips to a large scale event.  Photograph:  by Deandrea


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