Imagine the Possibilities…


When Christopher (my 8 yr. old) asked me for the lemon slice on my dessert at Luby’s last month, I assumed he was going to eat it.  I was quite perplexed by the mangled lemon that now hugged the brim of his cup.  “What are you doing?”  I asked.  He replied, “I’m using my imagination.  This would be my drink if I was on a cruise in Hawaii.”

And then he sat back on his cushioned seat and sipped through that straw as if the sun rays were already stroking his face.  Needless to say, we all laughed heartily about it.  I took a picture with my phone so I could capture the moment.  I took a picture with my mind because I didn’t want to forget.

Like all of us who have children – we see the subtle and stark differences between each one if we have more than one.  Christopher, who was singing in Spanish yesterday about how much he loved chocolate (go figure) is my global thinker.  What intrigued me more as I reflected on the scenario is that he is also a visionary.

He’s talked to us since he was little about how he wanted to go to Africa, of late he’s bent on going to China, the Hawaii thing was new.  I’m assuming it’s been inspired by his recent views of some of the shows on the Disney Channel (I’m so over Teen Beach Movie, I don’t know what to do).

Nevertheless, I like that he’s placed in his mind somewhere he wants to be.  He knows why he wants to be there, what he’d like about it.  He can see himself in that context, and needs only the trigger of a few tactile objects to solidify the dream – even though he’s never experienced it before.  I think that’s why I can relate.

While I’ve not necessarily dreamed up an island vacation (though I’m not opposed to that of course), I do imagine many possibilities for my passions of speaking and writing.  I see the many lives I hope to touch with candor, compassion, caring – and a healthy dose of comedy.  I imagine when and where I’d like to speak, and limit myself not to local borders.

I savor the notion of being able to write – many things:  inspirational works, articles, essays, poetry, children’s books, novels, series, teen-fiction.  I’m not there.  I don’t have it.  But it’s all inside and so eager to come out.  But…I can see it.  And smell it.  And (my favorite), taste it.  I feel it in my fingertips.  For those who are interested in pursuing their passion, what do you feel?  More importantly, what are you doing with that?

I spoke with a most articulate young lady at the speaking engagement I’d booked this weekend who terribly delighted me with her decadent vocabulary.  She was considering blogging, but had talked herself out of it because of a few bumps along the way.  In fact, she’d given herself several reasons why she should refrain and seemed momentarily content.

The problem is, she was suppressing what she really wanted to do – write.  My thoughts?  I let her know that her adventure was merely waiting on her; that she needed to disregard those doubt-laden inhibitions that were providing unnecessary chatter in her head.  She had all of the makings and talent for what she needed…she just needed to jump off the diving board.

Are you waiting, too?  Is there something you’d love to get into, but you keep placing it farther into the depths of your mind – pushing it to the back burner.  If so, why?  What are you waiting for?  Fearfulness and futility go hand in hand, but if you want to push forward…you have to push yourself.

I’m inclined to believe that Christopher is going to figure out how to travel the world with or without me; but, I don’t intend to be left behind, LOL.  That being said, it is my hope and prayer that wherever the adventures begin in your mind, you’ll let your passions and talents put you on the plane.  #pursueyourpassion, #catchyourdreams, #bethe1, #imaginethepossibilities


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