She Didn’t Know She Was Hiding Something


I never visit my husband’s hometown of Nacogdoches, Texas without some sort of pleasant surprise.  Sometimes, it’s when my mother-in-law makes me a blackberry cobbler from scratch.  Or it may be a visit to Aunt Wilburt and Aunt Irma’s to get a history lesson. She has artifacts that could debut in the finest museums, complete with her docent-like overview that leaves me fascinated.

Then there’s dinner at Aunt Norma Jean’s and Uncle RC’s, which looks more like a holiday celebration than a Sunday afternoon, but when we went this weekend it was for a special occasion.  My husband’s cousin Yolanda was getting married.  It was the first time I’d been to an evening wedding in a darkened room.  The room was illuminated by candles that extended from the chandeliers and an illustrious display at the altar.

The bridesmaids that so elegantly strolled down the aisle held candles, too in lieu of traditional floral arrangements, and the blushing bride held a bouquet of colorful lights that almost shined as brightly as she did.  The soloists sang ethereal music, rivaled only by Byron (the groom) who serenaded the guests upon his entrance and his bride prior to his departure.  Complete with the sighs and laughs you’d get from a premiere entertainment experience, it was an affair to remember… However, my biggest surprise came from Savannah.

Savannah is the young lady in the picture.  I saw her standing from afar when my sister-in-law, Trana, informed me that she had spearheaded the picturesque decorations.   Enamored with its beauty, I later asked if I could take a picture of her with her work.  I assumed she’d been hired and wanted to compliment her on a job well done.  The thing is, she wasn’t hired.  She said she just “wanted to do something nice for Yolanda” and “offered to help out.”  Really?  I pondered, bemused.

Turns out she’s a 19 yr. old college student who’s studying math – because “she’s good at it,” (which I don’t doubt).  She’s not yet decided on a career, but in my opinion did an exceptional job creating such a heavenly set-up.  Mom, who sat nearby, was equally proud.  My advice?  Consider this at least a hobby.  There’d be plenty of people who’d love to patronize you to provide such services on their behalf – even if you did it on the side.  What a hidden talent!  And she didn’t even know.

So I got the thinking.  I know many friends who are exceptionally good at things.  Naturally.  So much so that people call upon them to do it often.  It could be baking, sewing, designing, singing, playing instruments, creating, organizing, planning, etc., and some of them do it repeatedly giving little thought to the fact that it’s quite a talent.  And for free!

I believe in doing things out of love, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  However, if you do  it effortlessly, passionately, and frequently, you might want to consider doing it – professionally.  Especially if you do it well.  Take that love and share it!  Then share the returns with the ones you love the most, while enjoying a level of fulfillment that you may never have known.

Savannah did an outstanding job, although she very humbly accepted compliments.  I’d hoped to friend her on Facebook, but could only write her name down at the time because I didn’t have a connection.  Turns out there are quite a few people with her name, and I wasn’t able to distinguish which one was her.  Nevertheless, I believe her story is a wonderful one to tell.

The smiles that she brought to the room were indelible and I’m sure the happy couple will look back on their photographs and video and beam often, in part because of her hard work.  Who knows, maybe a friend of hers will share this post and she’ll revel in the treasure that she didn’t know she had.  I hope so.  Because her gift is certainly meant to be seen.

#disoveryourhiddentreasure, #catchyourdreams, #pursueyourpassion, #bethe1

Picture:  A mathematician in Nac with a knack for multiplying smiles.



  1. Carla, once again you have woven a compelling narrative. This notion of “pursuing your passion” is one I pushed for years as a counselor. You may need to pursue some other career for financial security or to satisfy family or a peer group, but if you have a passion, it can lead you to a soul-satisfying and life-affirming future.

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    1. Mr. McCasland, I absolutely agree. Having that “other” career can give you the leverage you need to gain some footing for your passion – and I love watching others do it until they become a #dreamcatcher themselves (hence that special section of my blog). I wholeheartedly believe that we spend so much time at work, that we should honestly at some point, do what we love. Life’s too short to be unfulfilled! Thanks for reading!! #imhonored


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