I Can’t Forget…


I never cease to be amazed at how life can seem to swallow us up when we delve into more and more projects, past times, and personal endeavors.  I feel that I’ve been swimming in them of late, so much so that I had an unanticipated hiatus from blogging (smile).  Nevertheless, exciting highs and disheartening lows have compelled me to retreat to one of my favorite havens – the blogosphere and the many readers that I heart endlessly.

So about a week ago, I had the honor and pleasure of emceeing a historical event, The First Annual Salute to the Stars of Service, spearheaded by Tessy Windle of Artistic Celebrations in Pearland, Texas.  Dedicated to those who have and continue to protect our freedoms, I was captivated by heartwarming testimonies and adorations rightfully esteemed upon our patriots and duly reminded of how many things for which I have to be personally thankful.

Despite their individual experiences of service, triumph, and tragedies, they were each connected by a love for what is wonderful about our country and appreciation for the benefit of their collective sacrifices.  Truthfully, I felt a bit guilty about how quickly we overlook how these men and women have made our home such a wonderful place to live.

I’ll admit – when I hit a few bumps in the road, there’s a part of me that wants to wallow about what’s not fair, what’s not right, what should be different, what I wish was better.  However, I can’t overlook my many blessings.  Of late, I’m most excited about my newest edition – we’re five months in and Baby Brown’s gender is still a surprise (just four months to go) – I’m determined to find out in the delivery room!

Nevertheless, a highlight of my event, was seeing the little girl pictured above.  I couldn’t help, but hope that my fourth (and final) Brown will come with a pony tail!  Regardless of whether boy or girl, I am thankful to have the blessing of parenthood bestowed upon me again!  It’s uniquely special to be able to provide the sacrifices that come with loving someone other than yourself.

Additionally, I am not only thankful for the sacrifices that were provided for my country, but the most important Sacrifice that was made for my life.  Through Him, I know I can endure all of the ups and downs, and more importantly, a wonderful adventure beyond anything I could imagine.

As we celebrate our service men and women, and saunter into the season of Thanksgiving, let’s remember to be thankful for what matters most – faith, family, and friends.  After being carefully reminded of who and what I love most, I know #Icantforget.


Picture:  Another reminder of why I’m thankful.



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