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I almost did it.  I almost took her home.  Forever.  Because her grandmother said I could have her.  I thought about all the little men running around the Brown home and how much I am madly in love with my tribe, but I couldn’t get away from that subtle  inclination to have that pinkness in my house!

I loved the lace dress.  The blue-green eyes.  The tiny tights.  The diamond earrings and the clinging that she did for what felt like hours, but I floated back into the realm of reality and finally conceded to letting her go.  Nevertheless, I realized that even if I didn’t take her home, I’m still on a path to potentially impact her life.  I’m making magic and memories – for everyone…

I’ve received more texts and phone calls and emails than normal lately, particularly in reference to my renewed interest in charging ahead on catching those dreams.  I’ve been most delighted though!

In a weekend conversation, I learned that one Dreamer has already started journaling and planning to develop a portfolio for future intentions of becoming a model.  Another Dreamer wanted to develop a specialized curriculum that they hadn’t seen in any of the Districts surrounding them.

Another Dreamer on a path that parallels my own has been in the planning stage of consulting aspirations and found herself being pursued by interested clients that she never expected to meet.

An enthusiastic Dreamer from last week relayed the unveiling of a project that he and a partner have worked on for two years.  Overflowing with ideas, we’ll be meeting soon to determine a timeline to help them makes those moments of innovation into milestones of reality.

My favorite responses?  Those that have been contacting me to let me know that they’ve already gotten started on the homework assignment from this weekend!  I’m trying to contain my own excitement because I’m thrilled that I’m able to share this journey with others who are ripe for realization.  Which gets me back to the future Dreamer in the picture.

We too often forget how the reality of our dreams affects others.

For every story I hear of those that are ready to leap, there are ten more that share why they just can’t do it.  Some cite time, money, or support; but, I remind them that their decision isn’t limited to changing their world, it can change the worlds of others.   That’s the magic.

Touching others with your tenacity!  Inspiring them to dream because they see yours coming to fruition!  Making memories that make history…and move others to do something great…

That young lady who wants to become a model is choosing a new segment of the industry that focuses on unconventional beauty and steers away from the status quo.

She’s considering in part because of many teens who have already expressed how they look up to her as she defies what beauty was perceived to be and defines, in her own right, what beauty is.  She’s ready for the next step.

That educator, who met the clients she wasn’t expecting, almost didn’t attend the meeting she was invited to.  She thought age gaps might be a factor and that others may not have enough in common with her in spite of her efforts.  She fought those feelings of doubt and pressed forward to that meeting, contending that it was one of the best experiences of her professional career.

I’ve toyed with the idea of penning a book for years.  And after starting and stopping, starting and stopping received a post two days ago that said, “Have you written any books yet? If so, let me know. I would love to read any you write.”  #confirmation…

If you’re still sitting on those ideas; those passions; those goals, those unrepentant, untapped, unfulfilled dreams.  Stop squelching them!

Because you don’t live and operate in isolation, those inclinations – whether they are within your current profession, a part of your personal goals or something that could impact communities within and abroad – they’re yours; stamped with your originality and authenticity.  Who better to do it than you?

If you extinguish your fire, you won’t be the only one who suffers from the loss.  So will those around you who could be greatly benefited by your best efforts.  This is the season of giving, right?  Give us your best.  We’re dying to see what’s in store.

My dreams are on the horizon…  Watch me leap…

#catchyourdreams, #leapofgreat, #betheone, #pursueyourpassion, #leap2017, #somethingsbrewing, #beadreamer, #staytuned

Caption:  I might convince her to be a Dreamer tomorrow if I catch my dreams today.




  1. I am so proud of your continued success in inspiring others, Carla. It is important to remind others to reach out and embrace their dreams, indeed to take that leap of faith. Likewise our actions can influence the dreams of others. Even at my age, having just turned 72, I can have aspirations. As you know, this year I lost the second of my children, my heir. Some might, in their grief, might despair and abandon their dreams. After much thought, prayer and discussion with my wife, we have decided to dream new dreams. Dreams which may impact more than a few of our extended family.

    Our dream does not have to be that of anyone else in the world for it to have an importance equal to the dreams of anyone else. We may or may not live to see our dream come to fruition. However that should never be the driving force behind any dream. The blessing comes from the having and then the activation. May each of your audience members experience that blessing.


  2. Dear Scott,

    I can’t tell you how often your affirmations have brightened my day and added to my burgeoning excitement; but, when I read this post, my feelings were nothing short of ethereal.

    While it is always my goal to inspire others and remain positive, it’s impossible for me not to admit that I’ve had my own share of dark days, discouragement and despair. Although I often fight against it, I even question whether or not my inclinations of encouraging the masses to pursue their dreams even have validity.

    And then there’s Scott…

    Knowing that what I believe at my core has resonated with you and your family and that you’ve purposed to pursue your “new” dreams, irrespective of what others may feel are an obstacle, is more invigorating and inspirational to me than you could ever imagine! I am greatly encouraged to continue!

    Your beliefs, values, tenacity and optimism are well aligned with my own. I cherish the insight that you bring to this forum and pray that I will reach millions more like you.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your life with me and the readers who are privileged to learn from you. I am humbled and honored. May you see the realization of all your dreams and touch many others as you have touched us all.

    With Warmest Regards,



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