Don’t Stop Here…


It was a clear message.  Beautifully adorned.  Simply written.  Unable to be misinterpreted.  You were not to park in this designated space.

It didn’t pertain to me so much, as I wasn’t driving.  I was on my sabbatical – walking, perusing, relaxing, but as always…deeply thinking.  And as I stared at the sign, I had “A Beautiful Mind” moment, where I saw less of what was immediately in front of me and more the analogous layers of complexity that nestled beneath this sign.

“No Parking” for me holds a different message.  It’s an admonition for those who are going into the upcoming year with all of the baggage that weighted them down in months prior.  It’s a declaration for others who are planning to be sidelined because of obstacles they’ve encountered and battles they’ve already conceded.

It’s an expectation for those who are determined to realize unachieved goals.  It’s a declaration to those they insist on bringing along.  Their encouragement is for more than themselves, and they won’t allow the naysayers to be the dreamslayers.

As I hear about (what seems like) another death everyday, I cannot help being thankful for each breath of life.  The year is not yet over, and there are many who still won’t see 2017.  Who’s to know who will be counted in that number?

But if it isn’t you or me, then what?  What do we do with the precious lives we have left to live?  Spend it wisely!  Live it loudly!  Do what we love the most!

Among my self-determined expectations is to ensure that I submit to “No Parking” in areas where I need not stay put.  I won’t park in depression, dismay, delusions nor disdain.

I’m not going to park anywhere that’s going to deter me from my focus, shifting my energy to draining instead of gaining.  I am going to plow forward; work fervently; learn greatly and fight passionately.

Reflectively, 2016 has certainly been the most trying of my life.  I’ve cumulatively lost some of my greatest loves, which has shaken  me to my core.  And unforeseen obstacles in people and places have also left me spinning, shocked at how calamity can be so rampant in what was perceived to be community.

I’ve hurt in ways that I didn’t know was possible, often angry at myself for having human emotions.

Nevertheless, I will not wallow.  I will not wish.  I will want it (my dreams) badly enough to make it happen, and when I can’t find the way I want, I will find another way, like so many amazing achievers before me.

I will draw from the strength of those who loved me most, and  I will listen to what my family, friends, readers, and clients need before I consider what I’ll say.

I am confident that as I Leap into 2017, there’ll be no idling for me.  Time is of the essence.

Let’s get ready for this road trip.  Where are you going?  Send me a map.

#noparking, #joinmeonthejourney, #journalchallenge, #catchyourdreams, #pursueyourpassion, #betheone


Caption:  A reminder that I’m scheduled to ride a road to remember.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Here…

  1. mary Holt Ashley says:

    no parking is a great motivator to be begin the year with and help you throughout the year if we keep reminding ourselves not to give into disappointments and impediments. Keep us motivated Carla. love U Mary Holt Ashley.

    Liked by 1 person

    • carlambrown says:

      I’m so glad to hear that! I’m sure it’s going to take quite a bit of navigating as we move forward, but I am looking forward to the challenge and even more so, the rewards! Thank you for reading. Your feedback is greatly appreciated :o)


  2. Scott McCasland says:

    Thanks, Carla, for the enlightenment. I can affirm to you that, I also will not be parking here. I’m sorry I can’t send you a map, because sometimes, especially at my age, the voyage is more fun than having a destination. My Dad used to call it “following his nose”. Sometimes when you set a destination (and probably a time-table), you may miss out on marvelous adventures and discoveries along the way, I have more regrets in my past from failing to “stop and smell the roses” whilie focusing on arriving at my selected destination on time.

    Bless you and your family with a happy New Year.

    PS: I am moved upon occasion to repost your blogs on Facebook, but would not do so without your permission.

    Liked by 1 person

    • carlambrown says:

      Mr. McCasland,

      The pleasure is mine! I find it challenging, but I am resolving to make sure that I take this advice. I want my voyages to be fun like yours! Sometimes, I think we get disproportionately focused on the destination and must remember to enjoy the journey as you’ve noted.

      Cheers to a year with few, if not any, regrets! And as it relates to the sharing, please do so! One of my goals is to reach as many readers as possible this year. I wish all of my readers would share and share alike. I’d be most honored.

      Warmest Regards and a very Happy Holidays to you and your family!



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