Month: April 2017

Catch This…


It’s inescapable.  That gnawing desire to do what you do best.  That urging to allow your hands to create their masterpiece, whether process, product, project or presentation.  That scintillating feeling you get when you submerge your mind in a plethora of passion.  It’s what you dream…and when you catch those dreams, fulfillment is soon to follow – because you know you are achieving at the apex designed just for you.

No matter how many times I tango with darkening doubts and discouraging days (which I insist on keeping to a minimum), I am never able to suppress my sincerity to the point of hampering my hopes.  I’m too easily inspired by the successes of the formerly sullen!  Too eager to cheer and champion the downtrodden!

Every day, whether I’ve accomplished my daily objectives or not, I am reminded of why I #LOVE what I do – speaking, writing, educating – because of the indelible impact it has on others.  So today, after many long nights of planning and pondering, purposing and picturing, proving and prefacing I’m now – proclaiming…that there are more elements to #catchingyourdreams that I’d like to share…

And here’s the first.  The essence of #catchingyourdreams is that it entails “realizing the goals of maximizing your gifts.”  How so?  Because when you identify what your gifts are, it is incumbent upon you to spread them, working to improve the lives of others through the affirmative influence that you have.  Take your talent and…love it.  Nurture it.  Grow it.  Use it to the best of your ability, but if  nothing else – don’t squander it.  It is far too valuable.  It is…divine!

Why does this matter if it matters at all?   Because gifts can change lives!  Perhaps your voice is one that can pierce a soul.  Maybe your music can soothe the severest of maladies.  Your art could invoke insight that could leave masses speechless.  Or your writing could rock a nation.

For those who follow me closely on and off line, you are aware that 2017 has been designated as my year to “LEAP” – Let Excellence Accelerate Progress.   So taking the advice that I’ve so liberally given, I’m feverishly working to engage, educate, encourage and empower in an unprecedented fashion…

I’ve mentioned a few gifts out of millions that you may or may not have, but broad are the talents that we possess as individuals, and even wider are the opportunities to use them – and bless others through them – in countless ways.  What can you do…that only you can do the way you do…and are you doing it enough to make the difference of a lifetime?

If not, there’s no time like the present!  Your goal should be to take what you have and make magic that the world has never seen.  The audience is waiting…and so am I.  #catchyourdreams.

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Caption:  My mantra for life.