Month: August 2017

The Bounty of Being Unbelievably You


Critique.  Credential. Consume.  Commend.  My head spins from the actions I so often self-impose.  On some days, I am my merciless enemy and on others, my adamant advocate.  Nearing forty in less than ten days has thrust me back into pools of deep reflection, one of my favorite hideaways, replete with endless epiphanies.

I ponder my practices, principles and preferences.  I question my morals, maxims and meanderings.  And I celebrate my achievements aligned with the adulation for my heroes, confident that those who keep us grounded essentially propel us farthest.

I’ve spent my last eight months, diligently chipping away at a proverbial base.  In my mind’s eye, it is likened to preparing for the reveal of a sculpture.  I’ve sketched a vivid mental picture of my future.  It is intricately detailed, painstakingly crafted.  Its curves are to be navigated with the greatest of care.   Its beauty is to be enjoyed by the masses.

This work of art is housed not in marble nor vanity, but in aspiration – hewn from a desire to catalyze others’ dream realization from the actualizing of assumptions turned realities.  Simply put, I believe.

I believe in the power of one’s passion to catapult them into pursuit of possibilities…Into the grasp of the gargantuan…Into the reach of the riveting.  I believe in the endurance of the human spirit and its ability to counter crushing catastrophe with the fierceness of a conqueror, unwilling to acquiesce to defeat.

I believe – because of what I’ve experienced, and what I’ve seen – that failure is not a sentence, but a comma.  It doesn’t denote closure, but exposure, for it reveals what not to do again and informs the willing learner of how to do it even better.  I’ve learned new lessons every day…

I am incessantly gearing up for the next phase of my “big” reveal.  I call it big because it helps me to imagine what I cannot see – in the dimensions of which I wish to achieve it.  As I grow wiser, I am becoming more comfortable with who I am, less apprehensive about who I’ll be and as intent as ever to undergird my enthusiasm with the grit to carry me through.

If it applies to you, take inventory of your composite of characteristics.  Examine their power and potential to uniquely impact those in your immediate sphere of influence.  In you resides gifts and talents unrivaled by anyone we know.  Share the bounty of the gift that is you.  It is beautiful…

Your generosity could be life changing for generations.

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Caption:  Food for thought that fuels my future.

Stay tuned…