Cut the Rope

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The bones in his leg were crushed, but not more than the resolve in his spirit. Prior to the seemingly insurmountable obstacles they’d so recently discussed, they both understood the gravity of the event. He’d be too heavy to lift and impossible to carry in sub-zero temperatures. Death would be inevitable; but, if the pair continued to stay linked, neither of the friends would survive. Despite the anguish and the guilt, with mutual consent – he cut the rope.

Many times in life, when we’re endeavoring to scale our greatest challenges we are carrying weight that we perceive to be an integral part of our journey. We’ve planned it this way. We’re compelled. Sometimes, we feel obligated, but along the way, things can take a turn for the worst. The greatest danger is not what happens, but how we respond at the zenith of strain.

Do we hold on to the weight because we can’t fathom our fears of the outcome? Would we bear a lethal burden because we don’t want to see another way? At what expense? While some burdens are noble, there are others that induce demise: toxic relationships, malignant musings, torrid rhetoric, destructive dialogue. Truthfully, we often carry many problems – and at times – people…whose added weight to our lives can place us on the brink of destruction. Should we continue to do so?


My advice, for myself and others – is to learn when to cut the rope. While the photograph is borrowed, the aforementioned story is true. Two climbers enthused about conquering a mountain were indeed faced with this scenario, and one painfully cut the rope to preserve one life in lieu of none. Miraculously, both lived, and the friend whose leg was broken was thankful to have been cut because it was the separation that saved their lives. It gave them the ability to seek shelter in extremity, the flexibility to move without overwhelming strain, and ultimately, a chance to survive.

If we are ever to grow, to learn and to thrive, it is imperative that we disallow ourselves the detriment of carrying burdens that fuel duress. Whether choices that chide or people that poison, it is unlikely to ascend to goal realization, when linked to negativity that can pull us down – and ultimately cost us everything.

Consider your journey and its most critical parts. Don’t carry more than you can handle. If burdens are injurious and weighing you down, placating others is not a requirement for your ascent. Be fearless. Be focused. Be fervent. Be faithful. If you find yourself in danger, cut the rope. Your salvation will be the ultimate reward.

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12 thoughts on “Cut the Rope

  1. mary ashley says:

    the story was compelling in encouraging us to cut the ropes but we must also remember we are more than conquerors. Thanks for sharing. Be blessed. Mary Holt Ashley

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  2. carlambrown says:

    Thank you so much, Dr. Ashley! And such an excellent point! I look forward to being an even better conqueror through relying on Him. He helps me cut ropes and conquer mountains every day. In fact, He helped me conquer many mountains just through knowing you! Thank you for all of the life lessons! I’m still applying them! ~Carla Michelle


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