Hone What You Heart

What Happens When Heart Work Meets Honing

When I met Heather nearly a decade ago, I couldn’t resist the decadent chocolate chunk cookies still warm from the oven that beckoned me to her 2nd grade classroom. She was an amazing baker who was in the kitchen at her leisure. However, her tasty treats were in high demand – even though she was an educator by profession.

Fast-forward to present, she decided to pursue her passion and transition from casual cooking to premier pastry chef – and the results have been oh-so-sweet! Her heart work has earned her prime real estate in Nordstrom’s, coffee shops, universities, and a host of clients from small business and single patrons to corporate giants. She’s easily a culinary contender!

Collaborating with her regularly for presentations in my speaking career, I’ve enjoyed many powerful lessons from her journey. Chief among them is “Hone What You Heart.” Heather has not only poured her passion into each product, but she educates herself about her craft, the industry, contemporary trends and classical culinary insights that give her a one of a kind competitive edge.

So often, we find ourselves interested in and/or intrigued by things in which we could easily lose ourselves; but, if you find it to be more meaningful than menial, what are you doing to master it? If others consider you to be the “go-to” or “resident expert” for what you do well, find out how you can enhance your acumen to be the best.  If you’re an entrepreneur, maximize your potential by staying abreast of what’s happening in the industry. Add a healthy dose of your ingenuity to show what sets you apart from everyone else.

Does this require you to own your own business? Not at all. This applies to foundations, community entities, worthy causes, professionals, and even personal preferences. I met a lovely lady recently whose cookie couture parallels the industry’s finest – but, she donates all of her proceeds to worthy causes. Her passion isn’t profit, but partnering with those who can positively impact the lives of others.

Whatever you determine to commit yourself to, reward yourself – and others – by honing your craft to match the intensity of your passion. Learn more. Work smarter. Push farther – even when difficult – and savor the scent of sweet success! You may be surprised at the difference it makes. Hone what you heart! #heatherdavis #mychicsweetscom #allheartwork #simplydelicious

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