A Love Like This…

Yata’s Love for Community Resonates from Aspiration to Action

I am elated, excited, enthused and enamored when I see this scene early in the morning. They are two of my favorite people! Now, as I’m 5’2″ and 118 lbs., Yata looks like an Olympian to me. The football fanatic, fitness guru and trainer I’ll now be seeing every weekend (for FREE, message me!) could easily be a hard core coach that leaves you breathless; but, his careful steps and kind demeanor in this picture convey a message that is very different.

The decorative accoutrements are not his own. He’s holding her handbags while gently guiding Georgia to her seat. It’s an admirable, weekly routine that includes bringing her in from the door in the back because it’s much easier than the steps out front. They have a special bond. Not only is it grounded in honesty and integrity, but it transcends generational boundaries. Their relationship is powered by something unrivaled by any other expression: faith-based love.

I can’t help but notice a pattern I see in corporations, campuses, churches and communities everywhere. Many of our matriarchs are maturing. Often, our gifted gentlemen are graying, and though they possess endless treasure troves of knowledge, wisdom, experiences and expertise, we don’t seize meaningful moments often enough to live and laugh with and learn from them- especially in our younger generations.

Among the relationships I prized the most was growing up with my grandmother. From her Southern sass to her incomparable compassion, sitting at her feet (and in front of her late night TV shows) was among my favorite past times. She was my coach and my confidant. My in-house comedian and my constructive critic. And as I consider the world in which I live today without her, I’m reminded of what we need more than anything else – a love like this.

Yata is one of many whose love is grounded in a faith that I find most comforting at Crosspoint Community Church. There, I see potential opportunities turn into practical realities! Next generations can become future leaders, shaped by the seasoned and the savvy to share love with communities near and far. This gives me hope! In a nation that’s hurting and in need of healing, I pray pictures like this will be everywhere. Because I love a love like this.

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2 thoughts on “A Love Like This…

  1. Scott McCasland says:

    Carla, you know I always appreciate your fine writing and read every one of them even if I don’t always comment. The wife and I just returned from two months with her family in the Philippines. I am happy to say that what you are writing about today is not the exception there but a deeply embedded part of the culture. Indeed our house here goes on the market as soon as the realtor finishes his paperwork. We have been working toward this goal for years and the wife decided it was time. Needless to say, I will continue to follow your career and writings with great interest.

    Liked by 1 person

    • carlambrown says:

      Good Evening, Mr. McCasland!

      I am always humbled and honored by the thoughts that you pen, and your words are always a great encouragement. I derive much inspiration from them! Congratulations on your new adventure on the horizon! Your passion for life and the ones you love are admirable, and I am forever elated to learn from the lessons you share.

      With Warmest Regards,

      ~Carla Michelle


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