From Loathed to Loved…

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I listened in amazement as the seasoned educator recalled her traumatic, classroom experience. Despite the years that had transpired since she’d been in first grade, her memory was as vivid as if it had occurred the day before. Her shared sentiments were in response to the inquiry, “What were your best and worst experiences with math as staff or student?” Her recollection was heart-wrenching.

“I didn’t understand subtraction at all, although I tried my best. My teacher gave me a worksheet with a hundred subtraction problems. I guessed on everyone, but I was never sure. My tears led to holes in my paper as I peered out of the window and saw my friends enjoying recess. My dad was a math teacher, and my mom taught special ed(ucation); but, at six years old, I was already done. “

On so many occasions, the most traumatic encounters are those that occur in childhood. Replete with intense emotion, upsetting moments can affect us for the rest of our lives. As I facilitated this mathematics training for teachers, it was clear that many of the unfavorable experiences had charred their confidence in math during their formative years. Nevertheless, their pain fueled their commitment to change outcomes for their own students now.

I’m pleased to say that the former saddened six-year old met a lovely interventionist the following year named Mrs. Freeman. She took her from where she was and guided her to mastering math so well that she was the highest performing student in her class. Today, she uses that same fervor to keep other children from experiencing the anguish she did. Her expertise serves to teach them to love what she once loathed.

Here, we shared a common bond! My heart is what catalyzes my excitement in empowering our future generations. I’m convinced that school should not be a place where you are stressed, worn and weary. Whether educated in a formal building or a house hold living room, learning should elicit excitement, intrigue, discovery and an appreciation for the divine.

When you couple your passion with your profession, you can remove the stigma that others may feel who simply don’t understand the essence of your efforts. Cultivate your craft with excellence in mind, and you can exchange what is loathed for what is loved. Class is in session (smile)! Teach them well…

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