Celebrate The Simple, The Serene & The Surreal

Photo by Edward Eyer on Pexels.com

A look into the past of anyone who had love for their grandparents would yield a wealth of fond recollections. Old stories. New loves. Precious memories, and something that for many of us may seem uncommon these days – a little peace. Nevertheless, it sheds light on an imperative we often overlook – the importance of celebrating the simple and the serene. In hindsight, it today feels…surreal.

I am one of those who nestles into the nostalgia when I see things that remind me of the grandmother who helped raise me. Deep in the South, her vignettes of Memphis, Tennessee’s sun drenched summer days and wonderful watermelon patches filled my heart with excitement and envy. Born near the turn of the century, she certainly endured her heart-wrenching struggles: ostracism, racism, classicism and unthinkable tragedies. While she educated me on the inhumane and the importance of kindness, she never failed to overshadow her obstacles with stories of her optimism.

Life today is filled with challenges. Change is a constant, but it seems, so is trouble. When I find myself at a loss for the ills I see in the world, I remind myself that among the simplest solutions – is love. The most special, I believe, comes from the Father. It is this simple and unique love that I believe will ultimately be the answer to the problems that are otherwise, inexplicable. It is this love, this solution, that I celebrate. It is grounded in simplicity. It leaves me serene, and when I compare it to all of the failed solutions that so many have tried to devise on their own, it seems surreal.

I wish at times that I could fix the world’s problems. I haveth not the capability to do so; but what I can help, I do. When I can alleviate pain, I try. I’m convinced the most powerful thing I can do, is pray, and endeavor to demonstrate in my own choices how to show love in a world that is too often unkind. As you consider who and what you treasure, remember not to get lost in the chaos of conflict. Instead, reflect on the simple – those things that are often the purest sources of our joy. Find your serenity in knowing that one day, things will be better than they’ve ever been. It won’t be surreal then. It’ll be a reality! #keepliving #keeploving #keeppraying #Hecanfixanything #dreamcatcher #carlamichelle #speakerlife #Istillhavehope #gettoknowHim

2 thoughts on “Celebrate The Simple, The Serene & The Surreal

  1. Scott McCasland says:

    Bless you Carla for your memories. Sometimes that is all we can share to show our love for those who have gone before us. You are never alone when you realize that what you have experienced from your past can lead you you to a marvelous future. Continue to follow where your heart leads you so that you may continue to bless others.


  2. carlambrown says:

    Thank You so much, Mc. McCasland! Your comments and feedback are always so inspiring… My heart leads me to touch others in the ways that these words have resonated with you. I cannot tell you how thoughtful expressions fuel my fervor to press forward. Your kindness is more appreciated than you will ever know.

    With All Sincerity…


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