Macarons, Memories & Melding

Mouth-watering Macarons that Made My Moments Memorable

My heart stopped. My mouth watered, and I had to refrain from jumping out of my skin. I couldn’t believe they made a special trip just for me after such a minor reference in passing conversation! This was no ordinary confection. This was a French macaron, a meringue-based masterpiece, infused with sophisticated flavors of culinary creativity, boasting a texture and taste that made me swoon!

Anne and Nancy were already among my warmest friends since my recent move to Colorado. From their compelling kindness to their fondness for fare, we were already bonding on numerous levels; but, this was unexpected. At a meet and greet where we were shooting the breeze, we tickled the topics of sweet treats. As they raved of the delicacies not far from Denver, I simply melted.

Savory selections like Black Peppercorn. Pleasure inducing Pistachio. Simply soothing Salted Caramel. Each made me sigh with satisfaction. I vowed to visit the haven soon, eager to explore the little luxuries. Yet, I didn’t anticipate upon our next meeting that they would come bearing gifts! It made me ponder…

So many times, when we’re among family and/or friends, we indulge in random conversations. Some seem minor, others intense, while a few may be simply forgettable. How often do we listen intently, with making it memorable in mind? When do we seize opportunities to couple our character with our caring – without it being tied to a special occasion?

When Anne and Nancy gifted me with my decadence from Honey B’s Macarons, I saw much more than a random snack. I recognized how intently they’d listened to our conversation; their desire to have me experience a pleasure they’d already known; their willingness to alter their schedule, add to their to do list, select the perfect combination and expend their resources to express their affections for our growing relationship. Imagine that.

Among my greatest excitements is finding ways to make others smile. Whether letters, cuisine, celebrations, or surprises, there’s nothing like spreading unanticipated joy! It’s different being on the receiving end. I was not prepared! But I was thrilled. It was a gesture turned joyful that has helped meld us together as even more than friends. For this and many other reasons, we are sisters.

Find a moment today to cement your kindness and love, by showing someone in a way that they didn’t expect. If you’re wondering how, just listen to their heart! What tickles their fancy? What makes them smile? Send a little sunshine – it will brighten your day. #macaronmagic #honeybsmacarons #meldingandmemories #carlamichelle #betheone #thankyouanneandnancy

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