Faith, Hope & Love We Can Only Imagine

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We can only imagine that glorious day
When we enter His joys and all of the pain
that plagued us and weighed us and crushed and dismayed us
will somehow ebb away

because of three gifts that He extended to us
that we might experience faith, hope and love
and focus so much more on Him and so much less on us
that our souls could be miraculously saved.

His faith gives us something in which we can believe
that fuels our hope for what our eyes cannot see
and it's anchored by love that flows incessantly
like the sacrifice that He gave.

If He had only died, those gifts would be locked in the tomb,
but because He's risen, He's removed the gloom
that was destined to haunt us with inevitable gloom.
For He could not be conquered by the grave.

His love is a balm that heals hearts and souls
and offers unfettered access to a Father Who knows
every fear, every flaw, every intimate secret untold
and yet, He still offers His grace.

No greater love than this, than a man lay down his life
for his friends.  Even His death was sublime.
How grateful we are for the resurrection of Christ
that we will bow when we see His face.

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