Chartering the Chapters of My Life

The fodder for my first series of six-word memoirs

As a writer, I’ve learned that while there are many things in our lives on which we can elaborate, there are also experiences communicated in the economy of words that can convey the most truths of all. Accordingly, here is a series of six word-memoirs that capture some of the most unforgettable moments I’ve encountered for which I am grateful.

Childhood pillars catalyze inspiration for life.

Friendship to marriage. Lifelong parenting partners.

A tiny life lost. Love remains.

Pain pierces deeply. Perseverance pushes anyway.

Picturesque words give voice to masses.

Unwavering faith soothes my soul’s core.

He’ll never leave nor forsake me.

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11 thoughts on “Chartering the Chapters of My Life

  1. I really like your 6 word memoirs. Your statement strikes me as quite profound: “there are also experiences communicated in the economy of words that can convey the most truths of all.” There’s something about boiling it down that helps us to figure out what’s most important. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. My pleasure. As a lover of words for many years, particularly in adolescence, I found myself trying to use as many as I could to say what I intended. I realized this in 12th grade. On our first English assignment, my teacher said that we were to write a paper on the subject of our choice with a minimum of three pages. I asked, “What’s the maximum?” She said there wasn’t any, and I was elated.

      12 pages later, she wrote, “Prolific, but verbose.” I was so discouraged! However, she sent me on a journey to discover how to still write effectively while using less to say more. It was a lesson that served me well. I’m forever grateful.

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I find this to be among the most challenging and rewarding writing I’ve endeavored to share.

      With Warmest Regards,

      ~Carla Michelle


    2. Thank You, Angelina!

      They are not always the easiest, but they require me to reflect deeply and thoughtfully about which words I choose. I love my share of lengthy prose, but I am fascinated at the power of well written words in conciseness.

      Thank you so much for your feedback! I couldn’t agree more.

      ~Carla Michelle


    1. Thank you so much, Stuart. I think this was perhaps the hardest of all – it’s a memory of a miscarriage I had after greatly anticipating a daughter who was never born. I have four boys now, but I never forget the baby in between.
      For the length of time that we connected, the love developed was equally rich and genuine and will never be forgotten.

      Thanks so much for your feedback. I appreciate it more than you know.

      ~Carla Michelle

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