Carla’s Cues 2016

Teach Them Young

03/15/16  Carla’s Cue #3 – Consider What You’re Conveying

They Know You by Your Fruits

When we’re often asked by family and friends what’s the latest we’re up to, we sometimes have a very prepared answer.  We gloss over our deeper thoughts with our ready made overviews, but forget our actions speak louder than words.  The truth is, even though our conversations can be convincing, what is most remembered is what we actually do.  Even the little people in our lives notice it!

While at church, our 3 yr. old (then 2), was practicing something he’d seen us model often.  Cleaning up after a mess was made.  In spite of his limited language, he understood – from both home and school – that everybody should “clean up and do their share.”  The question is, what do your daily actions convey to those around you?

Can others discern your passion?  Are you pursuing what matters most?  How are you investing your time, and how are the results coming along?  If you’ve not yet committed to that which you value most, give it some thought.  Life is short.  Make the most of it.  You’re teaching more lessons than you know – and not all of your students are kids.  #pursueyourpassion, #catchyourdreams, #bethe1, #teachthemwell


Hovering in the Heights

01/17/16  Carla’s Cue #2 – Hover in the Heights of Your Imagination

Out of the Minds of Babes

I’ve always been fascinated at the wealth of possibilities as an imaginative thinker faces a blank canvas.  At times, I feel inspired; but, when I’m in a bit of a trench, I love deriving insight from others – at any age.  While winter cleaning, I came across this picture drawn by Christopher, then 7 (a year ago) and remembered asking him what was he looking at when he drew this “hummingbird.”  I wanted to compare the details, see what he’d picked up and what he’d missed.

“I saw the picture in my head, Mommy,” he replied, and I took a small gasp, pondering for a bit.  “Well, you did a great job, Christopher,” I responded in a bit of disbelief.  So often we assume that our best ideas need to begin with emulation, parallels, an image or concept that we concentrate on to copy.  Sometimes, the best source of your inspiration is you – you and uncharted territory, unscripted terrain, a freeing medium that lets you express who you are with the confidence that you can create something…amazing.

Soar above the hardship of clinging to everyone’s ideas except your own.  Try hovering in the heights of your imagination.  You may fall in love with the view 🙂  #pursueyourpassion, #catchyourdreams, #bethe1

01/03/16  Carla’s Cue #1 – Perceive the Possibilities

How Sweet It Is

A Delicious Interpretation of Decadence – Prima Pasta

You couldn’t know me well and be unaware that I have an undying love for sugary delights. I’m not saying it’s the best quality, but I am a realist – and while I try not to waiver into the zone of no return, I do have quite the sweet tooth!

During the holiday while spending time with one of my dearest friends, we delighted over casual conversation and heartfelt memories when she tempted me with what appeared to be a decadent tuxedo cake. What I remember most though, is that I’d had many tuxedo cakes before, but never like this one!

Possibility is in the eye of the beholder… How many times do we hear of a concept, an idea, a thought – only to see it reinvented by someone else who perceives in it a different way.  They have an angle, an inspiration, an innovation.  They take what someone may never have considered and transform it into something amazing!

Couldn’t we do the same? Start your new year off by taking a fresh and savvy look at how you can approach challenges like a champion, by perceiving the possibilities that may yet have been elusive.  The end result will leave you with a healthy serving of sweet satisfaction.

#pursueyourpassion, #howsweetitis, #perceivethepossibilities, #bethe1