Carla’s Cues III

06/28/15 *Carla’s Cue #23  Cherish the Beautiful Bouquets…Even When They’re Unusual

Beautiful Bouquet

I snapped this pic while at one of my favorite restaurants, The Raven Grill, introduced to me over a decade ago by one of my closest friends (the artist who doesn’t know she’s an artist).  My immediate thought, even while struck by its beauty, was that it didn’t look quite right.  I quickly recognized the carnations on the right, but those other ones – on the left.  They didn’t look like the flowers that I was used to!  Despite the fact that they didn’t conform to my standard of commonly accepted beauty, I couldn’t deny that they were still gorgeous in their own right – whether they fit into my box of what pretty is supposed to be – or not.

Sometimes, we have amazing things, people, and opportunities – cross our path that are beautiful.  They are a blessing to us, often when we don’t even know it; but, before we get the chance to experience their benefit, we’ve already sized them up, deeming them unfit for our predisposed ideas on how beauty is defined.  We knoweth  not what lies in our path designed for our growth and advantages.  Let’s stop assuming that a package has to be wrapped the way we’ve always seen them.  Cherish the beautiful bouquets in your life – however they come.  If we spent less energy picking things apart, we’d enjoy more success from putting things in place.  #pursueyourpassion, #catchyourdreams, #betheone

06/21/15 *Carla’s Cue #22  Read Something Delicious

We Read

Sometimes, I don’t know where the mom in me begins and the teacher in me ends.  They blend together at times.  So, one or both of those, is a fanatic about getting my boys to read – at all ages.  But I have to say, reading is quite amazing for us, too.

(And yes, I know you know that already after hearing it all your life.  It’s just a reminder [smile]!)  I won’t lie and say that I’m into some amazing novel every week…but…I find the library and book stores to be most serene.  I love learning.  In either place, I discover a plethora of things I didn’t already know.

You don’t have to be a bookworm, but unhook from the tube and social media every so often and hook up with something meaty (or light, if that’s your fancy) that you absolutely love to read.  Even toddlers know how to pick eye candy.  How much better are you at this task.

For my minimal/non-readers, when’s the last time you’ve been to the library or a Barnes and Noble?  Or even a local mom and pop bookshop, for the few that still exist.   Pour yourself between some memorable pages, and you’ll be glad you did.   It’s wonderful fodder for the brain and one of the last great escapes.  #goreadsomethinggood, #dineonthedelicious, #catchyourdreams, #pursueyourpassion, #bethe1

Picture:  #isaiahchooseshisownbooks

06/14/15 *Carla’s Cue #21  Savor the Moments with the Tastes You Treasure


I diligently searched the menu for the item I saw my friend Michal enjoying a couple of nights ago.  Unsuccessful, I called Pappadeaux and learned the fare in question was sumptuous boiled shrimp, deftly seasoned in Cajun spices, coupled with crisp, sweet corn on the cob and fragrant new red potatoes.  Interestingly, it wasn’t even listed on the menu  – a special item only available at certain times for those who dine in.  Hmmm…funny how some specialties have such a small window of availability…

While tantalizing cuisine leaves me floating on a cloud, I’m constantly reminded that there are other moments in our lives that have a window of opportunity as well.  Can you recall a few?  Precious times with aging parents or seldom seen siblings; crazy co-workers; children who grow up too fast, or friends for a lifetime?  I’m confident that what we “taste” in life extends far beyond the table.

Life is filled with flavors of family and friendship that leave us with a satisfaction we could enjoy over and over again.  The thing is, some of those moments will only be available at certain times in certain places.  They can’t be planned because they’re, “off the menu.”  Savor those experiences you have with those you treasure the most.  There’s no time like the present.  #makedeliciousmemories, #pursueyourpassion, #catchyourdreams, #bethe1

Picture:  That tasty appetizer that I intend to savor in the very near future.  Thanks, Michal. 



    1. Michal, you’d be surprised by the many places where we find inspiration. I was as intrigued by your fare as I was elated by our undying friendship. You reminded me of the many things we have to treasure in life. Thanks for keeping me on my toes!


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