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Feature Fodder


I often tell friends and family that my constant fascination with food eclipses my opportunities to stay tuned to media.  My channel is frequently on Food Network, I lose myself in culinary magazines, and seldom do I have a conversation that doesn’t discuss dining at some point.  Nevertheless, there’s a larger issue at work.  One reason I distance myself from the media is because on the few occasions when I look for  “updates,” they’re overwhelmed by a negativity that I find quite stomach-churning.  That being said, I had an idea…

“Feature Fodder” is my quest to create the news that I want to hear about, and my blog is my new platform.  At least quarterly (unless I can write them faster), I will include feature length stories – beyond the scope of my life – that serve as fodder for thoughtful conversations, things of which our communities can be proud, and uplifting experiences that I think we’re running a bit short on in our media.  The first story, slated for June, is already in the works.  While I won’t spill the beans, I will tell you there are some awesome men in the midst – and I’m quite impressed by a common achievement they’ve all managed to accomplish!  Want more details?  Well I guess you’ll have to stay tuned.   Fodder Feature Debut:  June 21, 2015 – SAVE THE DATE!


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