My Melody
by Carla M. Brown

I’ve always loved music,
but I didn’t always sing.
I thought my voice
wasn’t as good as theirs
and didn’t want the stares
that said I was subpar.
So I listened from afar.

There were many days
when that was okay.
I listened, and often
enjoyed the tones
of the unknown.
But still
something was missing.

There were too many days
when the songs they sang
didn’t fit what I was
searching for.
Whether music
or minutes
I just needed…more.

So I decided to write
my own.
My melody
means more to me
than the songs I hear
that someone  else sings.
It belongs to me.

I learned to love
the sound of my voice.
Not in arrogance,
but in clarity.
The lyrics
are the clearest
when they come from my heart.

I can sing to my pain
and soothe my sorrow
fuel my passion
inspire tomorrows
that can change my life
and the lives of others.
My melody – is me.

April 13


The Beauty I See
by Carla M. Brown

When the sun kisses my face
and the gentle breeze
caresses me
while giving me a melody
I smile incessantly
inside and out
because I’m so

More than any track
on my favorite CDs
I love the songs
that the wind sings to me.
I exhale
to click repeat.
Then enjoy the next symphony.
Take a seat.

While others scramble pass
the luscious, verdant grass
that houses
the most delicate flowers
I ask
how did you not notice
their beauty?
It’s our duty
to see.

I marvel
at the shadows cast
like paint
in an artist’s hand.
The most beautiful canvas
I’ve ever seen
was not in a museum.
It was in the colors of a season.

I treasure
the least of things
not the ones I buy
but the ones that are free,
Their riches are so delicious
that they’re priceless for me.
The beauty I not skin deep.
It’s an awe inspiring, mystery.

March 29, 2015


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