Forlorn and for Love
by Carla M. Brown

Has your heart ever
ached for change?
You saw something sad,
were deeply pained
and wanted the world
to know your angst,
but it seemed

Had someone in your life
who needed help
and despite your pleas
couldn’t help themselves
and you watched them
suffer days on end
and somehow felt intrusive?

I sometimes feel crushed
by life’s harsh blows
more for others
than myself and those
who seem
bereft of an advocate.
Their agony’s obtrusive.

I turn over and over
in my mind’s eye
what could I do
with my limited time
to make their lives
seem more worth while
and make them feel

So I learned to love
with my heart and my soul
with my eyes and my words
and each story that’s told.
My lyrical paint helps me embrace
their obstacles,
So I can help move them.

I resolve to be kind,
compassionate, tender,
a thoughtful listener,
when I can, a heart mender
May they one day thrive
and not be hindered.
With love as their only conclusion.

April 21, 2015


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