The Sister I Never Knew
by Carla M. Brown

We didn’t grow up together.
I didn’t know she existed.
She walked through –
I missed it.
She looked nothing like me
didn’t write me
or call me
we were
simply strangers.

But something connected us
like Someone directed us
to cross our paths
a reprieve at last
to get me through
my life’s struggles
and downfalls.
‘Cause I was down ya’ll.
and drowning.

She pulled me up.
Saved my life.
She spoke the words
that healed my strife.
Took me to the place
I didn’t want to go
but needed to be.
Looked past my flaws
and saw the best in me.

I refuse today to call her friend.
She put my broken heart on mend.
I called, she responded
through tears, we bonded
her war stories are my own
I’m haunted
by how much we are
just the same…
in passion and pain.

I wouldn’t trade her
for another
nor change her,
she’s more perfect
than so many others –
Perfect for me,
perfect to be
what I need.
She’s my sister, indeed.

Created March 31, 2015.


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