I Believe in Me
by Carla M. Brown

There are days when I weep
because promises to me
were broken by those
who say they believed in me
but execution was weak.
I was left in disbelief
But that’s o.k.

And there are days when I’m shocked
to learn that I’ve been mocked
and feel like I’ve been clocked
with a stone that simply rocks
my faith in American dreams.
Sometimes elusive to me.
But it doesn’t scare me away.

I’ve learned when I’m burned
that my scars have been earned.
The thought of ultimate failure
makes my stomach churn.
I’ve got too many lessons to learn
And far greater concerns
So I’m ready for a new day.

I tell myself when I’ve done a good job.
And treat myself when it’s in my heart.
Some say it’s weird.
Others call it odd.
I just recognize it’s sometimes hard
to earn the respect of others.
That’s my way.

I believe I’m strong
because of Who strengthens me.
His gifts and talents allow me to be
my heart’s desire.
Serving faithfully.
I believe in me
just to be…

May 22, 2015

Inside of Me
by Carla M. Brown

Inside of me their lies a hole
filled with memories untold
things I’ve learned
things I know
that remain untouched,
but touch my soul.
But I’m preparing to share them.

I discovered that
even the painful things
have a way of soothing
someone else’s needs
to be heard, understood,
sometimes – just seen.
So they’ll know they’re not alone.

The story I have is
quite the narrative.
There’s a bit of despair
with tremendous relevance
and then there’s success
and triumph. It’s imperative
that I let others know, there is hope.

I’m wildly convinced
on the darkest days
there exists a light
that can guide our ways.
We need only to seek it,
ensure we cling to it.
Let’s thrive – and not just cope.

I challenge you to cast aside
the ill-based facts
and rampant lies
that you’re
another statistic
unable to achieve your dreams.

I am confident
of what’s inside of me.
A champion is what
I was meant to be.
The world may not
be ready to see.
But I’m here, and change is imminent.

April 12, 2015


My Power Is in My Pen
by Carla M. Brown

Words are the paint
that colors my dreams.
I see through them
visions of desirable imperfections.
It’s funny how they cover
the canvas of my mind.
They dance whether my eyes are closed
in day or night.

Some once believed
they could take from me
the beauty that they bring
because they told me
I couldn’t speak,
but they didn’t know
my power comes from within.
It’s in my pen.

The knowledge planted in me
stirred in me a voice that sings
of epiphanies.
Like Maya, it won’t be silenced,
even when I cease to breathe.
Words survive the worst of things.

I speak for many of these
souls, laden with unease.
They know there are things
to be said and seen,
and I am filled with pleas.

I implore you to treasure these
things called words.
Use your heart and seize
the moments of essence
when we must contend
with ignorance, despair,
and senseless inequities.

If you have something to say,
write it. Immortalize
what you see through your eyes.
Many fearless leaders have done it.
Nations have crumbled
and been rebuilt upon them.
Words. Remember to masterfully wield
the power in your pens.
Our lives depend on it.

March 17


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