Passion Propels Like Rockets…What’s Propelling You?

Rockets, Reading, and Michael

When Michael finished Diary of a Wimpy Kid in 3 days at age 6, I raised an eyebrow or two.  I was in disbelief until his 1st grade teacher, Vicki Perry (who happened to be in Education 40+ years and was a former principal) told me he was reading over 200 words per minute thanks to her out of the box teaching!  Excitement naturally followed because just a year before he told me he HATED reading.

I panicked and went on a massive effort to show him just how enjoyable it could be!  Fast forward to last year, and his love for reading and our school librarian, Cheryl Hensley (pictured above), pushed him farther than I ever could have imagined he would go, reading at a 12th grade level!  Competing with students citywide (up to 5th grade), he entered a one month reading competition sponsored by the Houston Rockets and won!  Reading over 15,000 minutes in just one month he was visited by a Rockets representative and won a Nook, Barnes and Nobles gift card, backpack, and Rockets Read T-Shirt.  He also made the Name that Book upper grade team, reading 30 books, some numbering 500+ pages.  Not bad for a third grader!

My husband and I often talked about what he’d be when he was smaller.  I turned over and over in my mind what would be best.  So we tried him out in swimming, basketball, tae kwon do, piano, and more.  At the end of the day though, he said, “Carla, don’t worry about it.  He’ll figure out what he wants to do.  You don’t have to pressure him.  Just let him choose naturally.”  To date, he’s still young and indecisive, but happily exploring.  What I do know, is that my baby loves to read.  I’m happy to say that I can find him sprawled on the floor with books, consumed, undisturbed for hours.  When I asked myself why, I realized – that even at a young age, he’s found something that he’s passionate about.

Kids aren’t the only ones with passions.  There are things we do that get us so excited, that we could literally do it all day!  But do we?  Adults are far more likely to squelch their desires to pursue what they do well with a list of readily available reasons for why they could never take their passions farther.  I say, delve into the undiscovered, and tread through the uncharted!  What is it that you’ve avoided because you “didn’t have time,” or “didn’t know where to begin” or “just didn’t get around to it?”  I’m not saying quit your job tomorrow and go off the deep end, but I am saying – if there’s something you could do that you’d enjoy more – a craft that you could hone that could be more fulfilling – explore it!  Plan it!  It could fuel you in ways you never imagined…Perhaps it’s the next best chapter in your journey of life.  You won’t know till you try.  #whatspropellingyou, #pursueyourpassion, #thankyouteachers, #thankyoulibrarians