Live, Leverage, and Learn…

Pursue the Possibiltiies

As I sauntered across the brisk, brightened lawn I was mesmerized by the light show that had been so meticulously designed for me and countless other observers.  The enormous tree was strewn with lights that looked like falling rain, so replete with luminescence that the house behind became hidden.  I admit, I wanted to pretend I was eight and run underneath the branches, swinging my hands between the dangling bulbs, pretending that I was in some type of fantasy land.

Like others, we took our share of various pictures, boys with mom,  boys with dad, and we forbade the children from running under so as not to disturb the perfection of the moment for other visitors to follow; but, my most memorable picture came as I walked the farthest away preparing for my departure.  When I turned around and saw the darkened shadows against the incessant brilliance of the lights, I was compelled to take out my trusty camera.  It occurred to me that the picture would capture my first epiphany for the new year.

So often, our lives can be quickly overwhelmed with issues or obstacles that we didn’t anticipate.   Like massive trees with heavily laden branches they can seem to be fixtures in our lives – difficult relationships, troubled finances, confusing situations, lingering ailments, or sometimes just perplexing decisions.  However, when I reflect on my own challenges from the outgoing year, I can’t help noting that some of my most agonizing dilemmas gave way to many of the brightest moments of my life.

Difficult relationships led to new bonds with old friends.  Financial conundrums paved roads for fortified decisions that I would not have considered had I not had the then unwelcome hiccups.  Confusing situations mandated that I take a necessary step back – to focus, question, and clarify.  I was unwillingly initially of course; but, when I did, my future seemed incessantly lit with possibilities.  I later became thankful for all of the insight that came with those heavy boughs of burdens.

If you’re anything like me (or perhaps know someone who is), you join the millions of people who make promises to themselves to be, do, and live better at the onset of the new year.  I love New Year’s Resolutions, but as I’ve become more “vintage” (because I’m clearly not getting old [smile]), I find myself beginning those resolutions towards the end of the outgoing year.  I consider what was successful and what went awry, but I endeavor not only to learn from my life, but the lives of others.

I have a renewed interest in health – not just physically, but spiritually, mentally and emotionally, financially, and professionally.  Often, I think we target a single area assuming that we can’t address multiple areas of our life.  I contend that we can.  Noting the many lives lost of those I’ve known and those I didn’t, I’m constantly reminded our lives are short and our moments are precious.

What is my sage advice for everyone?  Live well, with every fiber of your being!  Take care of yourself from the inside out!  Leverage the knowledge you gain, whether with family, friends, or formidable foes because everything that happens in life is purposeful.  Finally, learn from your lessons.  They extend far beyond the realm of academia.  If you think about them conscientiously, you’ll realize their benefits with greater ease.

You owe it to yourself and those you love to maximize the opportunities you’re so often presented.  Pay attention to the gems that are awaiting your arrival.  I have my eye on quite a few treasures, and most of them can’t be held in your hand.

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Caption:  The lights that lit my fire again.


See What Others Don’t See…

The Shimmer among the Sewage

While I believe that the media serves its purpose and I welcome the occasional informational review, I’m reminded when I see constant negativity that not every opinion is accurate (regardless of who’s right or wrong).  This extends to all of the opinions beyond the scope of media, i.e. those we hear in work rooms and board rooms, play rooms and bedrooms.

What I find most interesting is that in our efforts to rush conclusions, we often lose ourselves in the realm of things that may be slanted.  We sometimes succumb to suppositions.  Nevertheless, I think we must remember to look closer.  Even in the midst of a melee, something amazing, magnificent, and astounding can rise to the top.  All around the world, we see the wonderful acts of kindness and valor float to the top of the worst case scenarios, when peril is at its thickest.

I’m convinced that my eyes are unconsciously drawn to the details that may often otherwise be overlooked.  As I was walking outside one day last month, I peered over into what appeared to be a broken pipe filled with a substance akin to sewage.  My immediate thought was that what I was viewing was deplorable; but, I was taken aback at something…beautiful: prolific, yet petite; vibrant and vivacious; delicate, and in its own right – divine.    I got on my hands and knees to look more closely.

I wasn’t sure of how the tiny seeds arrived at this destination; how they were nurtured; how they thrived, and how they had the audacity to grow just like the others of its kind that weren’t far away in more acceptable surroundings – and with the same zeal and aesthetic appeal.  In my closed mindedness I thought, “Well, yeah, they’re pretty, but that’s not where they’re supposed to be.  What’s around it looks gross.  It doesn’t look right.”  How ironic.

How often do we discount the beauty, the amazement of something that we see because we are so fixated on its context.  Do we not  at times, in our unconscious, narrowed viewpoints assume that if good things don’t come from good backgrounds that they can’t exist at all?  Not so.

Many of history’s finest leaders came from troubled upbringings, broken homes, impoverished neighborhoods.  Some of the world’s greatest inventions were developed with the crudest materials – because that was all that was available.  Yet the ingenuity, passion, and wherewithal superseded the inclination of defeat.  How often are laws developed that are beneficial because we are learning from our mistakes?  Righting a wrong?  Making things better?

I grow weary of disproportionate coverage of all of the ills of the world.  While we’re balancing our diets, balancing our budgets, let us also balance our intake of what’s happening in “real life.”  Instead of saturating the general public with stories that lead to disgust and dismay, let’s hear more about the people who are taking actions to change the world around them.  Those who are spreading the news that changes lives; reaching out to others with love that expects nothing in return and are motivated by purity.

It may require us to look deeper; peer closely; notice the unnoticeable, and even get on our hands and knees.  Nevertheless, I believe if we’re really insistent on looking for the positive, we will find it.  It will be worth the effort.  You’ll see what you didn’t see before, and be shocked at the depth of its beauty – regardless from whence it comes.

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