Love and Laughter: The Elixir of Life


Even on your best days, horrible things can happen.  Things that seem unfair, unbearable, and unbelievable in your wildest dreams.  I’ve had some of those days – more than I’d rather, actually.  And quite a few lately.  I promised I wouldn’t, but I broke my vow…I asked God, “Why?”  Before I could finish my inquiry though, I was compelled to go to a familiar place:  Reflection.

I was reminded of a conversation that I’d had with my son, discussing how sometimes, like a famous storybook character named Alexander, “we could have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.”  But I also told him about how thankful I was when I worked at a Level I Trauma Center; how I’d be flustered about my morning blues and then walk past a patient who had staples in his head, or metal rods through her bones – and somehow my mountains seemed like molehills.

I’d think about how wonderful it was to – breathe – on my own; without tubes and ventilators and oxygen from a tank; how amazing it was to speak; to see; to hear; to taste.  Someone shared with me one day how he offered a patient a magazine to cheer him up, but due to his condition, he couldn’t turn the pages.  In his 20s, he was paralyzed from the neck down.  Life on its own can be…stressful.  Especially in the workplace, because most of what we do, in any industry, takes place in a rapidly moving setting with increasing demands and deadlines and decreasing resources and patience.

Nevertheless, we have access to something far stronger than pharmaceuticals; more potent than potions.  Love and laughter.  Reality indicates that the average family is no stranger to trauma and drama; but, are you one of many who remembers having a devastating moment with your family – but finding something in that memory that could bring a smile to your face?  I have.  So has Kevin Hart, comedian forerunner responsible for “Laugh at My Pain.”  Fans eager to escape hurt with humor have flocked to his performances to the tune of $15 million…in two days.

But you don’t have to buy a ticket to get a laugh.  Some of our funniest moments are experienced at home – with friends; co-workers; spouses; children, and parents.  I recently discovered that living in a house with all males, my son was under the impression that we all had the same “equipment”.  Realizing his misinformation, I questioned his logic.  He said, “Well if you don’t have that, what do you have?”  Needless to say, we tabled that for another day, but my husband and I cracked up about it all night!  Which leads me to my next point.

No relationships are perfect, but the ones that we hold dearest?  Friends and family…let’s nurture them!  The love we receive – and give – to those who are most meaningful in our life can help heal the deepest of wounds.  These are the people on our team.  Our all-stars.  The ones who understand us, endure us, inspire and uphold us.  My father often reminded me that things in life that I can’t control, I shouldn’t be overwhelmed by.  The things that I can change for the better should hold my attention instead.  He was right.  Regardless of what’s in store in the days ahead, I think I’ll face it with a tall glass of Love and Laughter.  Somehow, I’m convinced it will make the good and the bad much easier to swallow.  #pursueyourpassion #beinvincible

Picture:  Isaiah, Keeping Me Smiling with Smiles of His Own